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YAK_Chewie wrote:The Grub is seeming more overpriced when seeing how sweet the Dewback set is at just $5.00 more...



Man I missed you, How's Rykrof Enloe going?

And the dewback's only $20?
The Gelagrub is basically a big hunk of pvc, like those plastic dinosaurs they sell for around $5...It has a moving part, and that helps it, but its certainly not a good value in the $25 BP assortment. The Gelagrub itself is worth maybe $10 and the clone is about $7 - these would have worked in the CW deluxe line, but as a BP its a blatant ripoff.
darth_sidious wrote:The Gelagrub is worse than I thought - I opened it up tonight and the paint on the body scraps right off. Part of the packaging scrapped it and peeled the paint right off like a sticker - I'm regretting picking this one up a bit - its very cheap.

I'd get on the email and complain to Hasbro, you don't expect a cardboard box to scrap the paint off!
I grabbed this the other day too and to me it looks like the packaging was designed to include at least one additional 327th Star Corp clone down by the tail. There are plenty of existing 327th/Bly molds out there too bad they felt the need to drop it.

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