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By nack5811
StooperZero wrote:
StooperZero wrote:HEY,,,

If anyone wants it.

I got the mail in Card for this and 4 qualifying UPC's you can have.

now have even more qualifying UPC's if anyone wants them all.

StooperZero, I am late in the game, but would love to grab these off you. Can you drop me a PM (I will do the same) and I can get you a SASE for the UPCs.
Darth Kikinou wrote:Man, these guys cashed my check like 3 weeks ago and I still don't have this sucker. How long did it take for y'all?

I have received 3 already and from my experience, you should have yours 7-8 weeks AFTER they cash your check. The first 2 came at 7 weeks and the last one exactly at 8 weeks.

Have anyone heard about the details for the Nahdar Vebb mail-in offer yet??
YAK_Chewie wrote:Thanks Jayson... also, one other question... I assume just send all these in at once with a big check for all 8 of them (or 15 or so when I finally get around to sending it in)?


I don't think that that will work as they process mail-in seperately (but I am not sure) I recommend that you send yours separately so you can avoid any delays.
I just got mine in. I sent in the form only a few weeks ago. It was very fast.

My dad commented that it looked like Jesus on a camel, so I hid it in the manger least until someone notices it!
I just got my fourth (and final) one yesterday. This one was very fast. They cashed my check on 11/20 so 3 weeks later I get it. The first 2 took 6 weeks and the 3rd one took 8 weeks. I will use them for the following:

Keep one in the box
Open one to play with my boy
Mos Espa Pod race
Obi-Wan delivering baby Luke to Aunt Beru and Uncle Owen

Now I look forward to the Nahdar Vebb one, which I will get 3-4 as well.
By Grimace
I just got my notice that my set will be unable to ship until May 10th due to Hasbro receiving more orders for the set than they thought they would

there 1s a toll free number if I wanted to cancel and get a refund

I don't plan to call
AaylaSecurasMan wrote:It seems that the reason was a guy ordering 80 Vebbs and getting 80 Eopies instead, per the Rebelscum boards :shock:

Hmmm i wonder why he wanted 80 Vebb's? Can you say Ebay seller?
By Grimace
Paulskywalker wrote:Hmmm i would why he wanted 80 Vebb's? Can you say Ebay seller?

if that is the case, I have no sorrow for the guy

I always order multiples too, but I've never got more than 10
He'll probs just try to sell the eopiees for more, so for him it's not a problem really
Paulskywalker wrote:He'll probs just try to sell the eopiees for more, so for it it's not a problem really

Which he did already. Sold a few sealed cases for $200 and singles for $12. He said that Hasbro told him that they were going to pick the Eopie cases up last week but never did, so he just decided to sell them. Not a bad way to score a grand from a mistake :shock:
OMG! :shock:

They were going to pick them up and they didn't so i sold them, what an excuse! after one week?

I was going to say i don't know how Hasbro could make that mistake... buts it's Hasbro! :lol:
darth_sidious wrote:Just so you know, the guy in question DID receive 84 replacement Nahdar figures, yet he still kept the Eopies after Hasbro said that they would be taking them back - so I wouldnt congratulate him, he sold merchandise that doesnt belong to him, so hopefully he'll be sending Hasbro a check - otherwise, he might need a lawyer.

No ones congratulating him here, we deplauded his activities!
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