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What is your interest level in a Death Star playset?

(A) I found the cardboard spherical mockup to be something I would purchase if Hasbro produced it.
(B) I would be more interested in a modular Death Star by Hasbro, similar to Owen D's custom version
(C) I would be more interested in a Death Star playset designed similar to the vintage Kenner Micro Collection, but in the 3-3/4" scale
(D) I would like to see Hasbro reissue the vintage mold 3-3/4" Death Star from Kenner
(E) I am not interested in a Death Star playset
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By julianmaurice
YAK_Chewie wrote:Great stuff, but I think the one thing to keep in mind is that most collectors and kids don't customize. I do hope Hasbro sees your work though, it's inspiring.


I know... But what makes me a bit upset is that Hasbro are missing a great opportunity here, and because they seem to lack any imagination Star Wars figures and collecting will become like Model Railways were to our parents generation, an expensive hobby for grown ups.
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By Paulskywalker
I was just thinking if they went down the wedge shaped route againg like the vintage one i'd want it so if you bought a couple they could fit together, which means a room like the garbage shoot would need to be removable again cus you don't want two. Also the rooms would have to be squared off some way.
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By YAK_Chewie
Ok, pretty obvious from the people here that there is some interest in this sort of thing... maybe given what Hasbro said in a Q&A at today, there is some hope at some point down the road -

If we felt there was a great playset we could do that matched the current entertainment, we would pursue it, but there has been nothing in Clone Wars that is an enduring environment that would led itself to great playset design. If the Death Star ever came back in future entertainment, that would be our choice, but for now we are concentrating on driving the vehicle system to new and greater heights until the time we do see a large playset opportunity.

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By Paulskywalker
Two points i feel need to be made to Hasbro

The most enduring location so far in CW's has be the bridge of Republic Destoyers, which would make for a great playset, plus they are an Aggressive vehicle.

The Death Star is a vehicle too.
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By zedhatch
I would love any of the choices above (besides the last one obviously).

So who wants to push lucas to do a Death Star series LOL
You know, if they offered them as separate/modular rooms, I would think that a $50 ballpark would be fine, as long as the quality was there. I'm wanting something that looks like movie set dioramas. In that case, it would be well worth it to me.

I wish some of you guys could see these Death Star levels in person that Owen D. made. It makes me feel like Hasbro is missing such a gigantic opportunity. :|

By never_ending_fett
YAK_Chewie wrote:Well, personally I am extremely biased in favor of Owen's work...

...However, I also like the Mico style a lot... maybe just a much as Owen's style. In a way, those are modular too! ...
...I kind of think that a merge of the two styles would be appealing for kids and collectors... who knows.

I agree that a combo of B and C would be the best, though I voted for B.

Something to consider; combine B and C with something similar in concept to ultra rama, there would be 2 or 3 basic designs for the module with various inserts or stickers; each basic design would come with all the inserts for it then kids or casual collectors could buy 1 or 1 of each design and switch out the inserts depending on what room they wanted at the time but more hard core collectors/scene builders could buy multiples of each basic design and put them all together. 2, 3, or 4 molds/toolings/sculpts with 4 or more inserts each, then you've got multiple purchases of the same mold. With the modular design if you've got a hallway type insert you could have 3 or 4 or more in a row and put your own hanger bay above it...Then 2 or 3 years down the line use the same molds with new inserts for a bespin playset or blockade runner playset, or hoth playset or whatever pretty endless possibilities.
That sounds like a pretty good concept to me too, but if Hasbro were to make something, I have such a bad feeling that they would gear it towards kids so much that it wouldn't have much of an appeal to collectors - which would doom it. Really, I think a collector oriented Death Star would appeal more to collectors AND kids. Don't tell that to Hasbro though, they don't get it.

i had an idea about the Death Star a while back....if they produced it in quarters so that once all 4 pieces are purchased you'll have a complete Death Star....this needs to be big, the Death Star cannot be some small crappy thing. Hasbro should make the box size twice the size of the BMF and the parts inside need to be constructed. With each section you get a set of 6-8 figures.

Captain Khurgee
Lieutenant Treidum
Officer Evax
Stormtroopers - 3 or 4 per section
Death Star Trooper
Power Droid (black)
Darth Vader
General Tagge (for those who missed him in the Imperial Briefing box set)
Princess Leia
Luke Skywalker
Han Solo
Imperial Officer

The Death Star needs to have the following:

Trash Compactor
Detention Block with Cell
Docking Bays - large enough for the BMF or Imperial Shuttle
Imperial Briefing Room
Blast Doors
Tractor Beam Generator
War Room (seen in ANH)
Chasm - for when Luke and Leia Swing across
Multiple levels (i'm thinks 5-6 levels)
Gunner Stations (seen in ANH)
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