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Maybe if that Battle Droid is back in the mix later he'll be part of a 2-pk...

I did see some of these at a Target tonight:

- Yoda w/ Destroyer Droid
- Mace w/ OOM-9
- Kit Fisto w/ Geonosian
- Coleman w/ Jango Fett

I picked up the Kit and Coleman... almost bought the Windu set, but the OOM-9 eyes on it are HUGE. It looks ridiculous. They really screwed up the battle droids it seems, one has giant bug eyes and the other doesn't have any. Wow. That's ok with me though, I have over 50 of the red battle droids already from the SAGA line.

Upon opening them, I am blown away at the Kit Fisto upgrade... although he has some reused parts, it's a huge upgrade and so is Coleman. They were worth the purchase.

Also, looks like this store only had one set in, and the two other ones were gone. I'm guessing these won't be nearly as plentiful as the often clearanced Order 66 sets from the past two years.

I picked up a full set of these about a week ago and just can't get into them. I like coleman and the new Jedi characters are okay, but this is my least favorite line of exclusive two packs thus far. Very blah - hope I find them on clearance somehow later on. :|
These are actually my favorite exclusive 2 packs so far. Mostly I just want Coleman with Jango and maybe that set with Yoda. I saw these today at Target, but they were missing the Coleman set. Can't hold out till these go on clearance, cause I bet they never will in my area.
I really want to get that Coleman Trebor figure!I'll probably also get those other two new jedi also. For some reason, most of my customs and collection are jedi, so these really excite me!
Coleman is indeed a great upgrade, and since he comes with Jango, there will most likely be kid interest in the pack as well. I think the Kit Fisto pack is the best myself - the upgrades to both figures are great, and its nice to have a SA generic Geonosian. As for Kit, I love how the hand gesture is scene specific with the force push movement and partial smile on the face - If they ever release another version of Bultar Swan, I hope they give her the force push hand as well.
Just looking at the head of Devana i suspect Hasbro may paint the hair grey and use it for a Cin Drallig figure.
Paulskywalker wrote:Just looking at the head of Devana i suspect Hasbro may paint the hair grey and use it for a Cin Drallig figure.

That would be a pretty easy conversion wouldn't it? Maybe mix up the paints and a cloth cloak and viola - new fig! I actually thought this WAS supposed to be Cin Frallig until I read the name. :oops:
I anxiously await the day Hasbro decides to actually make smaller, rolling droidekas. Maybe 2 to a pack. No extra shield, just the ability to fold up.

These sets still look really nice. I want the Geonosian for sure
The rumour turned out true, saw these in Tesco yesterday for 12.97 so the one i got from a sci fi shop was £2 more so thats fine. This time i picked up Masona and the SBD, really good figure even has his bags under his eyes lol. Wanted to get Fisto or Coleman but the paint job was iffy and i saw the Commander BD's eyes OMG!! i suppose goo-off or paint will sort that.
It was the same with these, the coleman was ok but the Jango had silver on his visor and i don't have that figure so want a good one of him too.
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