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Nice pictures, as usual. I see Plo Koon and Agen Kolar everywhere now but still can't bring myself to buy them. I know these are improved but I still like the older versions... which are also clogging the pegs in Legends packaging. :roll:

I'm just counting down the days until I break and buy them. I do want Cody and Bacara, however, and that's pretty much it.
Grimace wrote:in my area, Agen Kolar is a bigger pegwarmer than Captain Colton

I think that is because Kolar shipped in the ROTS wave and as a repack in the ESB wave. Capt. Colton only shipped in the ROTS wave.
I've only seen remnants of this wave once, when I got the Utai, there was nothing else. Since then I've seen remnants of the ESB wave with Kolar and Plo Koon hanging around but that's it. I fear I'll never find a Colton or IG-88 in the wild :-(
I think that this wave was produced in considerably lower quantities that the ANH and ESB ones, I think even less than the 2009 AOTC on blue cards. I only saw a full wave once and only once in one Wal Mart. I saw the concept IG only once, I've seen leftovers (well you know, Plos and Kolars) but never saw a full wave at either Target or TRU.
I have seen it twice, but even then it went very fast. What is worring me is I am now seeng the same pattern with the Marvel Universe line. First Legacy, then comic packs, now MU, what is wrong with hasbro?
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