Era: 2008-2010

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Sylexus wrote:then what's the thing that resembles a stereotypical 50's robot?

That is the Concept IG-88 - it hella cool!
Found one each of these figures at TRU today, was pleasantly surprised... only opened Plo Koon and Agen Kolar so far as I'm at work. Both are fantastic upgrades, using the ROTS torsos along with new arms, legs, feet, heads, tunics.

Interestingly, Agen Kolar's foot pegs are at the front of his feet rather than at his heels. Probably so as not to interfere with the articulation at the ankles.

Darth Kikinou wrote:Is Plo Koon's torso a different color than the ROTS release? If not then I'll get it and swap the ROTS' skirt on him!

The tunic is a bit different shade on the new figure... it's more of a dull/realistic tone.

Also, the Cody has a much more subdued orange coloring on his armor than the SAGA2 clones from Utapau.

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