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By YAK_Jayson
For those that care or were hoping to pickup these sets, here is a breakdown (culled from the RS forum) of the various missing accessories.

• Obi Wan - missing the saber hilt for his belt
• Yoda (complete)
• Chewbacca is missing his pistol
• Han - missing his saber hilt and pistol
• Fett - missing his alternate head and flamethrower flame
• R2 and 3PO (complete, obviously)
• Rebel Soldier (complete)
• Starkiller - missing her saber
• Luke (complete)
• Vader - missing his alternate head and pistol
• Stormtrooper - missing his shield and his gun
• Snowtrooper (complete)
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By YAK_Jayson
Topic merged. DK, see the above post, we addressed this issue months ago. We also got confirmation of this problem in a past QnA, you even commented on it.


Q3: Since their reveal at SDCC, collectors who missed out on acquiring all of carded TAC McQuarrie Concept figures were overjoyed at being able to fill those holes with additions of the McQuarrie Signature Series boxed sets to their collections. Now that they have been released, those same collectors are in a state of disappointment as many of the accessories have been left out, leaving Jedi without the lightsabers, holsters without blasters to fill them and alternate head sculpts to never be displayed. What is the reasoning behind the short change considering the missing parts exist? Was it a costing issue? If so, why then were some of the figures repainted slightly from their original releases?

A3: The paint differences were not deliberate. Nowadays, when we re-release figures, the factories have to create all new spray masks for figures if the figure has been out of production (as all of the McQuarrie figures had been). As such, some differences, even if subtle, resulted. This was not intentional. Regarding the accessories, we are baffled ourselves as to why these were left out as the intention to was re-release the McQuarrie figures exactly as they were originally released. However, at this point there is nothing we can do, since we did not indicate on package that they come with anything beyond what is shown in package.

Darth Kikinou wrote:It's a load of bunk is what it is. They know exactly what they're doing. After all, was there a slot in the PVC piece holding concept Boba for his alternate helmet? Mind you the only "winners" from such an "oversight" are the collectors who have the carded version as the price on the secondary market for these is preserved now, whereas their value would have dropped like bricks otherwise.

Anyway, I still have a lot of love for the big H, I just wish that one day y'all will submit my questions about ship weathering!! :-(

By Grimace
I didn't think these sets would be a big seller, but my TRU seems to have gone thru them quickly

I guess it is possible that TRU did not get as many of these as other exclusives...
By stroebel83
I think I will turn my set into custom fodder. That 3PO would look good with those luxury droids that look like Hajime soroyama art
By stroebel83
those look great chewie

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