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By Grimace
found the wave this morning right after open

there was one full wave, another that was missing the Spacetrooper, and then another missing that, the Dark Trooper and K'kruhk
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By Diddly
No sign of these at my local TRU on Saturday, just the same 4 First Day of Issue Yarnas, 10 Legends Plo Koons and various Clone Wars pegwarmers. If they did get a shipment in it was all gone. I think I'm going to just preorder a case from Entertainment Earth and avoid the hassle just because all the TRUs near me are terrible.
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By YAK_Chewie
I think they're going to get more figures in - that's what it sounds like at least with the discussions going on around the net... and again, I don't think that blaming TRU for what happened on Saturday is really aiming the frustration in the right direction - which I see happening at other sites... to me, Hasbro is the culprit.

If Hasbro had handled the Legacy line properly, this wave never would have been an exclusive and it would have just trickled in like all other waves have done. And TRU did not advertise that they'd have this wave for everyone who wanted it on May 1st. What they had was in internal plan to set up displays and display these figures on it if the store had them in stock. But as with anything retail, the employees who follow these orders are human beings and that leaves room for problems. Every company struggles with that - and I know it's frustrating, but I don't think that pointing the finger on the retailer that actually DID pick up this wave is who I'd consider responsible for this. They're an easy scapegoat, but I don't think they're the real cause of this problem.

I think Hasbro should do more advertising, they expect people to go ooooOOO SW or Hasbro! How you supposed to get things done if you don't put yourself out there.

I can see Hasbro getting a lot of complaints in the next few Q&A's.
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By YAK_Chewie
Found quite a few more of these today at the Sunset Hills TRU right outside of St. Louis... looked like they had added at least 4 more cases, and I saw a couple more on a cart.

The manager I spoke with on Saturday at this same store indicated they probably wouldn't get more in - but they already did. So hold out hope everyone... and remember, just because TRU had planned on getting these on the shelves on May 1 doesn't mean that's the only day they'll be getting them on the pegs... though there's no guarantees either.

Also of note, they had gotten in quite a few cases of other various Legacy assortments as well, with Commander Cody and Imperial Technicians - at $4.99, you can't go wrong.

The reason he's allowed to scalp like that is because Hasbro and TRU don't care who does and doesn't get the figures so long as they make money and sadly scalpers use sites like this etc to know what to buy up.
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By YAK_Chewie
I'm not sure if or how TRU should be dictating who can buy what - I'm pretty certain these are all the same SKU as other Legacy figures in their system, and to them they're probably just glad to be moving inventory. And TRU might feel that they have enough coming in overall to not need to do that. But, I have to say that if I got to a store and some guy bought that many and didn't leave any for others, I'd probably take it up with that guy (and not the store) to see what his deal was.

I saw someone at another site report buying six cases at once on Saturday, but was splitting them up between him and another friend. So all one can do is assume what another person is really doing with them - and seeing them all over ebay is certainly disheartening to say the least. That person though, I do believe.

Again - if there's real blame here on this situation, I still see it as Hasbro's doing. They're the ones that caused this hysteria in the first place with this wave... hopefully though in a few weeks we can all look back and say that we all panicked out of fear, but in the end were able to score these figures.

Right now on May 4, I personally think it's a little too early to make a final judgement on this whole situation, and don't think we're going to have a clear picture for at least a couple weeks. In the end, maybe most of us will be pissed, or maybe there will be a miracle and we'll mostly agree that TRU and Hasbro got this figured out.

Time will tell, I guess.

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Signs all over the new end cap (I'm assuming for the EU figures) at 2 different local TRU (in SE Michigan) advertising $2.50 off .. more exciting is the date said valid thru June! My first thought was this was TRU way of "apologizing" for the May 1st "incident". Sorry for the bad phone camera pic.
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By YAK_Chewie
Yeah - $4.99 through July 3, I believe... and actually, I think the CW figures when scanned at a price scanner say they're going to be on sale at that price through July 17... then we can get a new line in August with prices back up to where it stings... now is the time to stock up on army builders and custom fodder. It's hard to top this price.

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