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AaylaSecurasMan wrote:
Paulskywalker wrote:Bit worried i'm going to have to resort to Ebay here, spoke to the staff in my local Sci Fi shops today, Worlds Apart and Forbidden Planet; which is a chain store and in both they went it's unlikely as it is really hard to get TRU exclusives. I even mentioned in FP that some online retailers will be getting some and they have a big site and they still said probably not. Just checked their Pre-order section and they have all the Vintage and Clone Wars figures, BP, vehicles etc but not these. oh well. :roll:

Why E-bay? Order through BBTS, they have the case of (6) for $74.99 and the full case for $99.99.

Hey thanks for the advice, i didn't know they delivered to the UK. I can't say much yet but a great Yakmember has offered to help me out eith most. :D
By tmoaswg
im kind of mad right now. last night, went to toys r us. looking around, not seeing anything new. i was going through the pegs, and noticed the new bespin guard. looked at the back of a couple figures, and guess whose pictures were on the back :x
im getting so frustrated at these figures
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By YAK_Jayson
Its nice to see they were available online, if only for a few hours, haha - hopefully a good amount of collectors were able to get a set. I just hope scalpers didnt noticed them, because they tend to lurk on websites and pounce the moment they are available at any location...then you can find them on Ebay for $20 each a week later.

I Stopped by TRU today trying to find CW figures that I'm missing and and Shaak Ti for myself, and a K'kruhk for my nephew, they had the leftovers of 3 cases of EU figures and 3 cases of CW figures - nothing I was looking for though. I did see one of the Bespin guard aliens...its crazy how much variation there is when it comes to the blue/green paint on his face - the one I saw today was nearly covered - there was more blue/green than fleshtone!
I have heard of some scalper supposedly living off this, but you think HOW? :?
Yeah what is up with the EU wave? Seriously, I just went ahead and bought a K'kruhk on ebay, what I spent saved me in gas money driving all over Gods creation.
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Well my update as of today is still nada nothing zilch zip zero for me. I have to work and I can only hit their crappy stores in the afternoon which usually means nothing. From what I can tell though out of the 2 stores around me they have had nothing at all since their single case shipment. :|
By darthanton
AaylaSecurasMan wrote:
darthanton wrote:I visited TRU on Ray and the 10 this morning (May 7) they got in 1 case, which I did not get. So the total cases they have received since May 1 is 2.

I-10 and Ray Rd. in Chandler, AZ?? if so, I was there at 11AM and just found a lone Bespin Alien guard. I did see leftovers of 3-4 cases and not one :?

Yeah the one in Chandler. On May 4th I was there at 11:30 and they had sold the six new figs and just had Luke JK, Obi, Maul and R2. Then on May 7th they had just 1 case. I went today May 11 and they received nothing new.
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By YAK_Chewie
These don't seem to be hitting in my area anymore... at least not for now. I hope they get more in, as I know there's still a lot of collectors in my neck of the woods who haven't found them yet. I met up with a local collector today and sold him what extras that I had as he's been coming up empty on his toy runs for this wave.

By stroebel83
got some more today supposed to be getting more tomorrow
By Grimace
central Iowa has been dry for new cases for over a week now

I see many of the carry-forward figures grow in number by at least 2, so the new figures are being bought by somebody

not me
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