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By YAK_Chewie
Ugh, that sucks Jayson!

I'm scared to death about this wave... going to be hitting two TRU stores tomorrow, and am afraid of finding the same thing you just ran into. I'm also going with cash for my buddy, Darth Stringfield who is out of town. I'm hoping to get 2 of each figure for me, and 2 of each for him. Now,that sounds greedy I know if I walk out of there with 4 of each figure - but who is to blame? Collectors who want them? I think not...

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By YAK_Chewie
Had some luck with this wave this morning... went to one TRU (was the first one there and stood in line for a while) and was able to get two of each figure (one set for me, another for a friend). There were several other collectors there too and all the figures were gone about 60 seconds after they opened. I believe they had put out 8 cases. I had actually picked up 4 Space Troopers in my haste, but gave two of them away to other people there.

My wife went to another TRU for me, where they had put out three cases. She managed to get one of each figure for me. Another collector there grabbed the others according to her.

So, I got my two sets, and another for a friend... my father was also out of town and actually went to a TRU for me too - first time he's done something like this before... there was only one case out at that store, and he grabbed a Dark Trooper and Space Trooper, which I'm probably going to let my local buddy have. I'm tempted to keep them of course, but I'm not going to... they will go as Yakfinities prizes if he doesn't take them.

How did everyone else do that went out looking for these this morning?

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By darth naes
I went to my local TRU this morning. First in line. Got inside to find that apparently my TRU didn't get the memo. They had none of the new figures and none of the Force Unleashed packs either. The pegs were full of old figures and peg warmers from the TCW. Total disappointment. I'm going to keep an eye out but it's not good here. Hope everyone else had better luck.
Well,at least I am not the only one.The people who waork out our TRU when asked about these figures looks at me like I was from Mars.No end cap,no figures nothing.This was a bunch of BS.Well,my area was not well liked my TRU.Can someone spase 4 of the figures?I only want The Solo Twins,Shaak Ti,The Phase one Dark trooper.This must have been way to much to aks for.I will pay cost and shipping.I do have an extra number 1 set I don't need.If not I will though myself to the scalpers. :evil:
By zedhatch
I am taking the 2 hour drive tomorrow to my nearest TRU, if they aren't there I might get made (joking) but seriously anyone in the Kingsport TN. or Lexingon KY area (two TRU's closest to me) able to tell me if they got there or not, long drive either way and don't want to waste gas if there is no chance in hadies.

Thanks Hasbro. /sarcasim.
I'm praying my sci fi shop manages to get some of these and puts a wave aside for me!
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By YAK_Chewie
It really sounds like a lot of people came home disappointed. I can definitely empathize, as there's been so many times over the years when I've been unable to find what I want and ended paying quite a bit more at collector shows for them.

The original EU wave back at the end of the POTF2 run is what really comes to mind - ironic how two awesome EU waves were at the end of a line's run like that and in short supply - thanks a LOT Hasbro. :roll:

I also remember having one hell of a time getting Watto's Box Cinema scene - I think I paid $60 for it. Same thing for figures like Sio Bibble and other EPI figures in that timeframe.

I really hope that TRU is able to come through and get more of these in stock. Good luck everyone, if I happen to run across more I'll see what I can do... though I know some local collectors will want to skin me if I take away from their opportunity to get them.

Like I've said from the get-go, I blame Hasbro for this. Though there is a chance we'll luck out and there's more on the way.

Paul Harrison from JTA here -

I visited four TRU stores in the Philly area and only one store had one case. Since we have been finding them out here since April 23rd, I am assuming they have been putting them out as they came in from the trucks. But no stores had any endcaps or what-have-you like the case says, so I don't know what that hoopla was all about. There has been a surge with the Legacy Collection ever since Hasbro has been able to get them into stores. I mean, look at TESB (wave 12) - it is shipping like crazy and selling through very well. Hasbro needs to figure out how to get the product into the stores much easier. This EU wave would have done phenomenally well at all stores, so I feel bad for collectors who will be disappointed by not finding these today. And it is a crying shame since they came to buy one for $4.99, buy the second for $1.24.

I went to 3 stores today. The first one sold its one case of figures last week I found out. The second one opened at 9 and had a line of people all waiting, only to find there was on case. This is a big store and the lady that does this department is on top of what she does, and she did not understand why they only had 1 case. She even said she knew about the endcap thing. She then told me that the 3 rd store showed 64 pieces. Only problem is that was a 35 mile drive. I decided to go. Only to find massive amounts of LEGENDS!!!!

Now the employees at the 3 rd store were no help and they knew exactly what I was looking for and acknowledge that their inventory showed they had them but that they did not know where they were????????? The manager would not even come out to talk to me. I was being nice and acknowledge that it was a corp. and distro problem and that I wanted names of district managers to let them know this is a problem. All the manager did was tell the employee over the phone to give me the 1800 ToysRUS phone number.

I called the number from right there in the store and really the person I talked to seemed a bit clueless but she said she was having problems with my state that she could not access any inventory etc for the stores here. As I was talking to the customer service on the phone in the store the employees seemed a bit more nervous and the rep on the phone had me ask the employees what their store number and manager's name was. This made them more nervous looking, again I was calm and nice even though I was freaking pissed after driving all that way for nothing! Anyways TRU is supposed to call me back with a response to the problem. I doubt it will be of any help though.

So I have zip zero zilch nada! Thanks TRU! this is why I never shop in your stores. ever since 1997 Han and Tauntaun 12" exclusive I have always had trouble with TRU and their exclusives.
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By dta151
Went to My TRU this morning at 9:00 and they had no EU figures same as yesterday when I was there.Either they didnt get any or they put them out Wed or Thur and I missed them because I thought they werent going to be out till Today :x
It seems like fans are getting punished for supporting the line all these long years, after generations of kids move one i might add. You U.S guys have to fight each other and scalpers because of this limitation, and the reset of the collecting world has to hope for scraps from the table.
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