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Yesterday i hit the 2 closest TRU's around. Still absolutely nothing. But their Star wars figures are cleared out with the exception of Legends, handful of clone wars, and a bunch of e-1 obi and black bespin guard with the other droid part. This was at both and they were packed on Clone wars figures so either there was a mad rush on Clone wars or Hasbro is pulling them.
By Grimace
I think these have stopped shipping to central Iowa

my local TRU hasn't had any of these on the pegs since the second week of May
I saw the CW figures had been restocked, but I missed the Sidious figure again
By ShdwGrdLdr
Hey everybody, first post. I was inspired to join after looking for sightings of the EU wave in NYC. I came across the entire wave one night in Ceasar's Bay and foolishly passed on Shaak Ti, thinking i'd buy her the following week. I've scoured all the TRUs within Brooklyn and Manhattan and have only seen this wave in Ceasar's Bay and earlier today the TRU in Time's Square. I wanted to let all the NYC collectors that there are at least five Jainas, five K'Kruhks, five Shaak Tis, and one Jacen in the Time's Square TRU as of 3:00 p.m. today. This is not counting the K'Kruhk and Shaak Ti I grabbed for myself. I highly doubt the TRU in Ceasar's bay will be getting more of these as i've asked a few employees and been given negative answers. One even told me that they don't stock the Hasbro shelves, that a representative comes and rearranges the planograms and packs everything out.

Are there any sites for toy collectors in NYC? I found the Tri-State Troopers but it looks like noone's posted there in a long time.

Awesome site everybody. Just a heads up.
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