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By YAK_Chewie
Awesome find Jayson, and also interesting that you noted that on the side of a case it indicated that TRU would be putting them on a special display on 5/1.

Well, today I found this wave too - they were on a side panel that had room for about 12 pegs. They had apparently put out two cases based on what was repacked with the new B.A.D. droid parts.

I was able to score the following:

- Shaak Ti
- K'kruhk
- Bespin Alien
- Dark Trooper

The other new figures were already picked over... man I hope each store gets in enough of this wave to go around. But the problem with that will be all the repacks that Hasbro included that aren't going to sell very well.

By zedhatch
Time to cry my panic cry on this wave. I am sure ultimatly I will get the ones I want but when these things start I get into that mode rather easily.
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By YAK_Chewie
Unfortunately, I think there's going to be a lot of panic cries going on with this wave. It's simply one of the best that Hasbro's ever done... it's so different from anything else in Legacy as it has several outstanding EU figures, all of which are very well sculpted, detailed and painted.

Such awesome variety too... figures unlike any other we've seen before... just look at Shaak Ti and K'kruhk... and the two huge Imperial army builders... damn. What a shame this wave isn't going to be widespread like it ought to be.

And the only stinkers in this wave at all are the repacks. It's too bad that there weren't more waves like this EARLY in Legacy run - if there were, something tells me Hasbro would have viewed Legacy as much more successful. Instead they piled on figures that certainly weren't going to warrant as much desire from fans in earlier waves (like Yarna, Organas, etc.).

By zedhatch
While I see the point of what you are saying chewie, I still maintain that something else is afoot, with the exception of Yarna (who was packed in several subsiquent waves even though she pegwarmed the first wave) I don't think one peg warmer out of 6 or more (which generally has been the ratio) . For every queen organa there was a general grevious and Emporer Palpatine or Commander Cody or something that sold well which counterbalanced. Pegwarmers happen and have been a fact since Action figures begain. I know of places that still have Moff Jerod hanging around, yet no one blames him for the end of that run, Pit droids were hanging forever on my shelves yet no one blamed them for the end of 30th ann.

A buddy of mine works the local WM here He has told me time and again that Legacy was ordered and that most of the time the orders were either canceled or replaced by Legends. Because of him I got the figures I wanted (ie Palpatine who arrived there once). How is product supposed to sell if it never gets to the store? I am not sure this is true accross the nation but I have found WM's tend to follow patterns.

I do think Clone wars is selling better though, and I think that is the whole issue. Hasbro has pulled the "can't find it" shoddy distro trick with GI Joe and marvel Universe and it apparantly was effective until ROC and Iron Man (although it looks like IM is selling, cause they are that cool ;-). Hasbro has a very hard time explaining why those lines are easy to see while others have little presence even though they are under the same brand name (and of course customers and retailers are blamed, yadda, yadda, yadda).
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By YAK_Chewie
I definitely think there's more to it, and that Hasbro has used certain figures that didn't sell like hotcakes as excuses for what happened with the Legacy line. I don't really agree with their logic personally, and have long suspected that's there's a combination of reasons for why we're where we are at with Legacy now:

- I think that they overproduced some waves of Legacy that ended up causing a bottleneck
- I would not doubt at all that Legacy is a much more expensive line for them to produce, so they dropped it

I mean really, look at how terrible so many of the Legends have sold (and some CW figures for that matter). Yet you don't hear a peep out of Hasbro on that matter. The message is usually that it's the fault of collectors.

I share sentiments with all of you guys. I am so disgusted with Hasbro over this whole thing. These are some great looking figures, and I am only looking to get three of them. I am disgusted to the point of a) ordering a case, and waiting for it to come, whenever that is. or b) paying whatever I need to pay for them on eBay c) just saying "screw it all" and not buy another thing Hasbro has to offer. Not that any of those will help/hurt them in any way.
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By YAK_Chewie
I would love to be able to help out a lot of other collectors with this wave, but I have serious concerns at this point as to how many I'm going to see... a fellow collecting buddy in my area is actually harassing me for what I found today and begged me to sell them to him... personally I'm wanting several of each figure, which I guess makes me a bit greedy but I really blame this on Hasbro because there doesn't seem like there's going to be any way that supply meets demand with this wave.

On a side note, I opened K'kruhk, Shaak Ti and the Dark Trooper tonight. I'm pretty blown away by these... I'd have to say that K'kruhk is my favorite figure out of all of Legacy, followed by Shaak Ti. Hasbro sure picked one hell of a wave to shorten the supply on. :?

By jlw515
I bit the bullet and purchased the BAD for this wave on ebay. Actually picking up my package from the PO today. I figured it would be extremely hard to find this wave, and really only want 3 figures from it anyway: K'ruk, Shaak Ti, and the Bespin Guard. May have to check out my local TRU when they open May 1st.

Thanks for the info.

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By YAK_Jayson
FYI: the production numbers for this wave isn't lower. If memory serves, Hasbro said that the TLC AOTC wave had the smaller production run of any TLC2008-2010 wave. The problem will again be distribution.
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By YAK_Chewie
Well, I guess in the long run it really doesn't matter if it's supply or distribution to people if they can't find the figures. Hasbro might keep production like they intended, but the distribution is really tough for people who live so far from TRU stores, and it doesn't help that Hasbro was so short-sighted to only pack one of each new figure in the case.

The way I see it, the case ratio is an internal distribution issue AND a production issue that Hasbro had direct control over well before it was determined that these would not see a release to other retailers.

I blame Hasbro for 99% of the problems they've had the past year or two with Legacy, and nobody else. Not collectors, not retailers, and not the economy.

Hasbro, Hasbro, Hasbro.

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By YAK_Chewie
So what do you guys think is going to happen - will TRU have a boatload of this wave on 5/1 stocked? And maybe the TFU box sets too?

If so, I guess this isn't going to be advertised as those things usually start on a Sunday, which in this case is 5/2.

If I were to come across this wave in good numbers, here's what I'd most likely get:

K'kruhk x 3 - I already have one, but I really would like at least a few more. The figure is so damn outstanding, that I'd like to make a second one with a custom hat, and have the other two for custom fodder... could see a Wookiee Jedi being made out of him very easily.

Shaak Ti x 2 - I have two of these already (one purchased off of ebay), but would definitely like a couple more... such a sexy, well done figure for extra custom parts.

Dark Trooper x 3 - I have one, but a few more would be fun. I actually didn't know if I'd like this figure or not, but I love it! Much better than I thought I would like him - he could be used for some sort of awesome custom droid bounty hunter.

Space Trooper x 4 - He's an army builder and just looks cool. I wonder if he will yellow with time...?

Jacen x 2 - One to leave as is, another for custom parts.

Jaina x 4 - Can never have enough fodder parts for female customs, plus I'd like to keep one "as is."

Don't need any more of the weird Bespin alien... unless I need more of his B.A.D. part.

The unrealistic optimist in me says I can go to my local tru at opening on Saturday and pick up a set with no problem. In reality though I have seen this kinda crap before especially in my area. There will be a handful of sketchy 40-50 something old men who will run like little bitches, their wives right behind with a shopping cart and will blindly start clearing each peg off the end cap. Then they will roll their cart to the back while fighting with other collectors as they sort through all the figures they ripped off the pegs. Then heading to the cash register with all they could get and leaving a mountain of repacks strewn on the floor next to the bike racks in the back. Yeah that is pretty much what it is like around here and it really pisses me off. :evil:
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