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I did actually get this and I love it! The new cockpit and Evolutions style figure sold it for me but I have to agree, waaaaay to pricey for what you get!
Now this is obviously with out structural flaws right? I mean I remember back in '07 I got the Red striped 30th Anniversary "181st", yet the wing panels are prone to weak bending at the tips which gives the impression of a warped shield.

If they've improved the grade of plastic so the tips (with laser cannon tip) won't deform I just might put in the overtime to get the improved version. I wonder if the will release an advanced FX version with Blue L.E.D.s for Luminated Ion engine effect. I'm in the middle of trying to "Upgrade" mine by adding red L.E.D.s in the removable cockpit gun section. Will post photos once I have circuitry installed.
Paulskywalker wrote:I got it on sale last week for £20 from TRU, plastic seem's fine to me.

Get back to me on this once you have it after 3 months of wear/ 23.3 degrees room temperature and around 4.5 kilos of weight. I'm in the middle of creating a fully enclosed, temperature controlled storage/display unit. Until then I have Rubbermaid in my basement, which unfortunately gets sat on by my pets. Hence the warpage on the current wings.
I tend to find that beginning in GB i don't get a lot of the issues that people in the USA get, obviously climate is the factor for me.
I make stuff too!

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