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By zedhatch
Like the luke except the head, hopefully this is another case of prototype not as good as the actual product.

Leia is cool, good to finally get an SA of her.

Dengar is a surprize and a welcome one.

But the AS-ST driver is a letdown. That chest armor is just werid looking, He might look fine without it but I don't plan to find out.
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By Incom
Why another Bespin Luke? :?:

But yeah, Leia is cool.... really cool and a highly anticipated figure. In my book, anyway. Same goes for Dengar. Looks great and a must have!

I don't think that last one is an AT-ST driver, but an AT-AT Commander. But then, he doesn't look like Veers at all and also, what's wrong with the Saga '06 Veers/AT-AT Commander we got, except for some ball jointed parts? Same question for him as for Luke: why another?

What I'd really like to see is an SA Luke in Hoth Outfit and Leia in Bespin Gown, or Han in Bespin Outfit! :wink:
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By YAK_Chewie
Wow, these look really good!

Luke - I know some people probably don't want another one, but the VOTC version wasn't that easy to find around here and this looks to have some upgraded articulation - I think that I see ball jointed hips?

Leia - Right on! Now that's what a Hoth Leia should look like - amazing sculpt all around, and a very much needed addition to the Hoth forces... would also have been nice to see a new Hoth Luke in this wave, though two Lukes in a wave might be too risky.

Dengar - Wow, this is a fantastic upgrade over anything we've ever seen on this character. It's it hard to believe this is the third modern version of him? Hah. I love how the head actually finally looks like the wrappings are around his head.. by far the best sculpting of this characters's likeness to date. Also I really think the paint scheme weathering looks fantastic.

AT-AT Commander - Not sure if it's Veers or not, but I think this looks awesome. I thinkin comparison to the SAGA2 Veers, there is really not that much comparison as this looks much better not only in terms of articulation, but also in a natural looking sculpt. I do have to say that it looks like the lower piece of his armor is sculpted to the tunic though, which I don't care for. So that might prevent me from army building this guy beyond 3-4 figures.

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By YAK_Jayson
Nothing to complain about here, I hope the weathering from Dengar carries over to the production figure though as these are just painted prototypes.
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By Paulskywalker
In response why a new AT AT Commander, well it's an upgrade form the last and i think it has to do with Hasbro wanting one out for the new AT AT for lil kids and collectors sicne the last was out in 2006.
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By YAK_Chewie
What do you guys think will be the pegwarmer(s) of this wave? I'm guessing that we could have a couple in Leia and Dengar. Both look fantastic, but at this point are people sick of them? My guess would be that Dengar will probably be the slowest sell out of this wave.

Also, if Hasbro follows suit with their past history, I guess we'll be seeing some repacks in this wave too... will it be an Empire theme as well? If they do go down that road, it might not be bad to do something like this for this wave:

NEW Bespin Luke x 2
NEW Hoth Leia x 2
NEW Dengar x 2
NEW AT-AT Commander x 2
REPACK VOTC Snowtrooper x 1
REPACK Legacy Hoth Rebel (new head) x 1
REPACK Tantive IV Stormtrooper x 1

Also isn't there talk about another Empire wave coming? I'd think if so, would be nice to see a new Cloud Car pilot to compliment the new vehicle coming out, and maybe even one of the ridiculous looking aliens on Cloud City.


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By darthmac
If this is a sign of thing to come next year, it will be a very, very expensive year for me. Sticking to my $30/Month budget is going to be rough.
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By YAK_Jayson
YAK_Chewie wrote:Also isn't there talk about another Empire wave coming? I'd think if so, would be nice to see a new Cloud Car pilot to compliment the new vehicle coming out, and maybe even one of the ridiculous looking aliens on Cloud City.

I asked about a new Cloud Car Pilot for the upcoming QnA, hopefully we'll get a definitive answer then.
By jlw515
That Luke figure does look like some sort of ball-joint hips, Chewie.

At first the AT-AT Commander was being labeled as Gen. Veers (on other sites), but taking in the differences between this figure and Veer's outfit, I think its safe to say that this is a generic officer. I personally like the old Gen. Veers figure, and seeing as how the moulded skirt pieces of the tunics limit the him articulation, I don't see much of a need for knee articulation. However, I will probably get one of these (or two) to customize.

And concerning that weird alien, if Hasbro was going to go thru the trouble of making that head sculpt, I'd rather them do Solomahal aka "the Colonel" from the Cantina in ANH.

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I wonder if the good General's armor has a back piece? The only thing I'm missing from my Imperial Army trooper (scanning crew custom) is a decent piece of armor. The old Veers armor just ain't cuttin' it.
By stroebel83
where did the pics go i just missed them????
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