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By rc-1207 Sev
So while looking through a local Ross i found more star wars stuff. This time it was the Birth of Darth Vader battle pack. I saw two and picked up one this will go on the list of star wars figures/packs i have found at Ross.I have also found Ambush on Abregado,
Assult on Ryloth, Darth Vader and Incenarator troopers, Joker squad pack, Walmart Rebel Pilot evoultions, Green Clone commander, Darth Vader with coin book,Y wing , Y wing Bomber and Commander Faie comic pack. Now this what will i find next :lol: . Any Comments ?
kanglee00 wrote:Nice find, how much was it?

The Battle Packs that I have seen at Ross have been around $12. I think I've seen all of the sets from 2009 over the past couple of months, including the Rishi and Geonosis sets. They have been getting in a lot of interesting Star Wars and GI Joe toys recently.

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