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You and me both! I'd love to see both the 2013 Clone Wars and Movie Heroes figures show up in this country. The blast-apart Battle Droid and light-up Sandtrooper alone are worth getting that assortment into some U.S. store chain.
Picked up Clone Trooper Buzz w/ speeder on Ebay for $11.50 shipped - I love finding these CW deals on items I never picked up. Its funny, I didn't care much for clone repaints during the show, but now that its gone, I am filling gaps in my collection because is miss collecting the line. I hope the animated Rebels figures fill that void.

BTW, I'm not having any luck with the Y-wing scout or the Republic submarine - do any of you guys have spares for sale or trade?
darth_sidious wrote:
darthmadonna wrote:I just bought one with BIN 14.99 free shipping. It is loose but I am excited to get the bugger! Seriously just bought it 5 minutes ago LOL

I saw that one, but it didn't come with the figure. Did you just want an extra sub for Ahsoka or something?

Exactly! :)

I have the ahsoka, now she has a ride.
Man, the list of Clone Wars characters that never got made into 3.75" plastic would be pretty long. Tarkin, for one, really stands out as a prominent character in the later episodes that got some lengthy screen time yet Hasbro didn't bother with.
Today I got a Republic Tank on Ebay for $20 shipped. :mrgreen: It wasn't even on my list of things to purchase, as I had thought it was still available at Walmart. Last night I found out the current one is a half sized version, so I did a quick search on Amazon for the old one. The high price there then led me to Ebay, and there was a MIMB one for $9.95. I placed a bid and won it this morning! I had wanted one when I was a kid playing the Clone Wars Gamecube game. I never did pick one up though, and really hadn't planned to pick it up ever. I decided when I started buying stuff again this year to avoid any Prequel stuff, however I couldn't resist the low price of it.

...I might pick up the Rebublic Attack Shuttle sometime too, but then I'll be done with PT era items! Unless they release the Gunship turrets again, but that's unlikely.
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