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Wish I could help out more though!

Sadly no mini-rigs were in the lot, however I'd love to at least see the Y-Wing Scout. I don't think I'd keep it, but it's one of those items I've always just wanted to check out first hand.
Yesterday I receiced:

Plo-Koon (Jedi Robes version)
Special Ops Clone Trooper
212th Clone Trooper
AT-TE Squad Clone Trooper
Regular Clone Trooper
White ARF Trooper
Space Clone Trooper
Commander Wolffe

I might end up trying to trade the first four. I've been thinking about trying to get a few other clones, Cade Bane with TODO, or General Yularen.

And today my beautiful girlfriend got me the Republic Attack Shuttle! :D
Super SUPER SUPER excited about this find...I got a Crumb Bomber today for $25. It's complete minus the main turret missiles. I had actually missed it inside the junk shop I was in, and on my way out I noticed the wing sticking out off a shelf. I couldn't believe it.

I really couldn't believe my eyes. When I turned it around and it was all there I thought I was going to freak out, LOL. Oddly enough, I had looked at a Lucky Lekku bomber the same place had around a year ago for $60 with the box. It was still in the same exact place, but had been marked up to $110. :roll: When I saw this one I totally expected a $60-$75 price point, but was thrilled to see it was only $25!
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Nice!! What a great gift!

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