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By Paulskywalker
Oh ok, thought Hasbro may have kit-bashed the two moulds together, either way a great figure.
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By Paulskywalker
The other week i recieved the Senate Commando 2 pack from Stroebel83, to really good figures and thanks Stroebel.
By stroebel83
any one seeing any special ops troopers, all i'm see is the arf and bd set
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By AaylaSecurasMan
It looks like the cancelled walmart DVD 2 packs (brain invaders/legacy of terror) have been showing up at TJ Maxx, Marshalls, etc. I am not interested in them but will be picking them up for trade fodder.
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By YAK_Jayson
I searched high and low for these this weekend to no avail. I hope I don't miss them :(
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By AaylaSecurasMan
Picked up the Legacy of Terror set today from TJ Maxx, there were not Brain Invaders sets left. I will keep looking for it as I would like to have both to trade them at the same time.

Jayson: If you are not lucky to find this one I'll be happy to trade or sell it to you for cost + shipping, it is not mint as it has a ding on one side of the bubble, I'll let you know if I find the Brain Invaders one.
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By YAK_Chewie
Yeah, that's the problem with this sort of thing - Hasbro thinks they absolutely HAVE to include a core character like Anakin or Ahsoka, regardless of the fact that most of their market already has those figures...

If these were all Clone 2-pks, with unique paint jobs, Wal-Mart would have sold through with earlier assortments and Hasbro never would have had to take the walk of shame and find a discount retailer to pick these up.

Get with it Hasbro... please. In so many instances, you're shooting yourselves in the foot, retailers in the back, and your market is getting more and more frustrated.

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By MisterPL
I was lucky enough to find these at my local Marshalls yesterday. I agree that Clone Trooper 2-packs are the way to go (c'mon, folks; it's called "The CLONE Wars"). That said, I'd be a lot more tempted to army build with generic clones than any specific clone characters.

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