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Yeah true i was one of those that missed it, saw it once and bought something else at the time. :roll: Shame it's not a different coloured one since we see them in all the colours of the rainbow lol. And i remember seeing a TD on a Dooku Speeder somewhere?

Seriously i didn't notice the sidecars in the episode, i thought Habro made something cool up! :oops:
Grimace wrote:do we know if the Freeco Speeder any different from the first release?

will the cold weather clone have a hole in the top of his head?

The Speeder looks to be a repack and the Clone's hole in the head will be filled by the outer helmet when attatched :wink:
saw Cad Bane/speeder, Anakin/Skiff and Plo koon/Speeder Bike today in TRU. Was gonna get the Cad Bane but the three they had all had tiny lil things in their paint apps i didn't like, then with the heatwave i just couldn't be bothered going through the skiff and speeder bikes and gave up looking at the SW stuff.
I might get that Freeco/Clone pack if I can find it, I missed the first one and it was high on my to buy list, and the cold weather Clones do look pretty cool!
Found some of the new deluxe figures at TRU today... with the BOGO 50% sale, I couldn't resist.

Picked up one each of the Cad Bane/Speederbike and Anakin/Naboo Skiff.

Both vehicles are pretty good - I kinda wish the Naboo Skiff was bigger and in the medium vehicle assortment, but oh well. It's pretty damn cool and has an awesome vintage mini rig vibe to it.

The Cad Bane set is nice as well, I didn't open it just yet but I can tell they put a lot more work into this sculpt of him than the first release.

I opened Cad Bane and took a few pics tonight. This figure is much, much better than the old one. I'd say this is easily my favorite Clone Wars figure yet, as it doesn't look too animated. The only drawback is the lack of articulated ankles makes it a bit hard to pose him in certain standing positions... so Hasbro ALMOST got this one completely right.




The only problem i have wit this figure is i have the urge when i see it to find brown cloth to make the jacket tails.
I saw all this wave in person, they all looked good, just lil niggling things in the apps that made me wait for next time.
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