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Casta isn't as popular here in the UK, quite common still.
I actually think that is freaking cool, love the Gunship concept in it, i take ifrom the back pack on the clone he drops out the bottom? Haven't caught up with the latest episodes yet so first time i've seen the phase II pilot helmet looks alright, similar to the Stealth Pilot. Pleasantly surprised and looks like another year of everything being revealed just before the toy fair! :wink:
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By YAK_Jayson
darth_sidious wrote:That looks really cool, but I think they may have borrowed the idea from the Scorpion Fighter from Star Trek: Nemesis - anyone else notice how similar it looks? I really hope we see these in the show.

I was trying to place the design last night because it did feel very familiar. Nice catch. 8)
I've only just noticed the packaging picture shows how the backpack/dropship feature works, the backpack clips on the bottom.
I got the Republic Sub today for £11.90 odd in the 1/3 toy sale, they had the recon fighter too; wanted to get it but he had some guy liner under one eye lid and the other eye was looking up! I went the other day and the SW was a key art of the sale and i saw the new repack Cad Bane, so was hoping for a restock of that wave and the deluxe speeder weren't expecting these!! :D

Scuba trooper looked freaky at first, then i realised his muzzle of his helmet is part of the scuba gear!

Oh yeah is has two modes, like in the episode and a jetski type thing!
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By YAK_Chewie
Nice Paul, I forgot you had gotten that and to mention that if you have any pics to share, please feel free to. I'm actually kind of interested in that sub... did you end up getting the Recon Fighter later?


But, I think that the Recon Fighter thing actually looks a lot more Star Wars-esque. I plan on getting that for sure:


Of note, is reporting these have been found at Target here in the states already...

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