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By jedibyron
i'd get this too if there were some real clone pilot figures to go with it... and for that price it should fly itself around my toy room and make bombing runs like i used to dream my toys could do.... gosh!
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By YAK_Den
EEEK! Didn't realize the price tag. SHOOT! I was just about sold on it too!
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By Paulskywalker
Their calling this part of their "new" medium line, so that must be the reason for the high price, the costing for a "new" medium line! :wink:
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By YAK_Chewie
Well, I finally saw the CW episodes where Grievous has that gigantic ship and the Republic attacks it with Y-Wings. I have to admit they look pretty damn sweet.

I *might* cave in and buy one of these, but it will be a game time decision. The price for it just seems ridiculous still.

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By YAK_Den
Yeah! Hopefully they will have a sale or something!
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By Delaton
$50 puts me on the fence, as opposed to passing on it. With the Juggernaut coming around the same time, I think my money will be stretched thin enough as it is. Already passing on the Arc fighter even though it looks great. Also been passing on the Gunships for a while. Even with the Crumb Bomber coming up with new features, these vehicle prices are getting ridiculous.

THen there's the Republic Tank for $20 with is a sweet, oft-requested vehicle with a good price point!
terman123 wrote:Will wait till I see one in stores to decide if I want to part with $50.


THis will be one of those "Must be Perfect" buys for this one.

Like the Legacy B-WIng, I just gazed at it and went "WOW" and it came home with me.
"Official" Hasbro Press Release for the Clone Wars Y-Wing Bomber

Y-WING BOMBER – Available: 8/14/09; SRP: $59.99
Armed with cannons, long-range missiles, torpedoes and bombs, the Y-wing bomber is one of the Republic’s primary combat vessels. Clone troopers and Jedi both pilot this vessel on assault and reconnaissance missions. A gunner sitting in the bubble-domed turret can blast attacking ships approaching from behind, while the pilot can fire forward-mounted cannons and torpedoes at enemy vessels up ahead. Y-wing bombers see action from the first days of the Clone Wars and help destroy the deadly new Separatist vessel Malevolence.

Blast into hyperdrive with this Republic combat vehicle replica! Take on enemy forces armed with firing proton torpedo launcher, hidden long-range missile launcher and droppable proton bomb accessories. Figures (sold separately) fit inside the opening canopy and turret. Fit a droid figure (sold separately) into the droid socket and keep your craft running smoothly with removable engines and fold-down landing gear. Itís one awesome vehicle to add to your collection!

Includes unassembled vehicle body, 2 projectile accessories, 2 proton torpedo accessories, labels and instructions.

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