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By YAK_Chewie
Been thinking about this a bit the last week or so... I haven't been buying much of the CW stuff, I'm getting tired of seeing it on the pegs. The figures, for the most part are pretty boring looking. There's so much less detail and articulation in them compared to the realistic line it seems.

It doesn't help matters that they are already reusing molds over and over, and even with the "new" deluxe figures, for the most part they are just packing things in the line that we bought years ago in different boxes.

Does anyone else feel this way; i.e. burnt out already with Clone Wars figures? If not for this animated line, I know we might not have seen some of the new vehicles that have come out, so I'm grateful for that aspect of the line. But other than that, I just see this as the easiest gimmick in the world for Hasbro... really like a cheap way of selling easy to design figures for a premium price.


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By Incom
If they're reusing molds already and repacking/rehashing things, that's quite shameful. Looks to me Hasbro's given up on this line already, then. Of course, the repainted clones will keep selling like hot buns over the counter (Dutch saying :P ), so they'll stick to that for sure. But the lack of new sculpts says enough. And if there is a new sculpt, it's the lamest since Monkey Face Leia (talking about Cad Bane here).

As a whole I like this line, although I don't buy every figure of it. I love the R2-D2 figure (got multiples), C-3PO, your basic P1 Clone, the Jawas and of course the SBDs. Man, they feature the some of best paint apps Hasbro's every produced. Sadly, gems like that are accompanied with low quality figures in the line all too often.

I hope Hasbro will jump start their efforts again, when S2's going on air. They still need to make the Weequay thugs, Twi'leks and what not!
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By YAK_Jayson
Come on it's not that bad. 10 of the 23 figure for 2009 are all new sculpts

10 of the 23 figures for 2009 are all new sculpts
CW06: Mace Windu
CW07: Admiral Yularen
CW08: Jawas
CW12: Obi-Wan Kenobi (Space Suit)
CW14: Yoda
CW15: Whorm Loathsom
CW16: Commando Droid
CW21: Anakin Skywalker (Space Suit
CW22: Cad Bane
CW23: Ahsoka Tano (Space Suit)

6 of the 23 are new figures created by kit bashing with old/new parts:
CW09: Commander Gree
CW10: ARF Trooper
CW11: Heavy Assault Super Battle Droid
CW13: 4A-7
CW17: Clone Trooper Echo
CW20: Clone Trooper Denal

7 of the 23 Straight Repacks
CW01: General Grievous*
CW02: Clone Trooper with Space Gear*
CW03: Rocket Battle Droid*
CW04: Clone Trooper (41st Elite Corps)*
CW05: Kit Fisto*
CW18: Anakin Skywalker*
CW19: Obi-Wan Kenobi*
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By Paulskywalker
Chewie you don't collect CW's except for the odd item so how can you have burnout? :lol:

I said the reason Hasbro loves this line is the repacks, with Hasbro its not about quality, new products and ideas its about saving and making money.
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By YAK_Den
Paulskywalker wrote:Chewie you don't collect CW's except for the odd item so how can you have burnout? :lol:

UM WOW! That was my exact question for him! There's no way he can, ESPECIALLY since he really doesn't collect them. And to be honest I've seen the new waves in abundance but they are rapidly disappearing from shelves now! Way fast then most of the Legacy stuff that's still cramping up shelves.

IMO: I'm BURNTOUT of the whole thing! I havn't bought anything new in awhile. It's saved me a lot of money and allowed me to do other things (hang with friends, video games, movies, etc.) instead. Which has been very nice. I dunno if it's just me but most of the product doesn't spark my interest anymore and it's quite possible I reached my peak in 2007 and might be coming to a close in this hobby. I don't feel the enjoyment of a hunt or anything anymore. It sucks but been so nice on the lifestyle and wallet :D!!!
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By Theo Zissou
I kinda like the whole animated look. I'm actually alright with them already re releasing some of the first figures. almost like they do with saga legends. gotta keep the main characters on the pegs for the kids.

The pacing is good for me. I've picked up characters like cad, mace, gree, jawas, etc. And still need to pick up the droid, admiral, and a few others. I'm pretty happy with the line.

And clone wars as a whole. love the series and the way the 2nd season seems to be shaping out. :) looking forward to all those bounty hunters if figure form (bossk, fish guy, zabrak girl, circle hat guy, aurra sing) lol at my names :P
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By YAK_Chewie
I think I'm burnt out on a combination of things.

First, here's what I have and have not bought, so I think I've gotten enough of a taste of this line to have an opinion:

#1: Anakin Skywalker - bought
#2: Obi-Wan Kenobi - bought
#3: Yoda - passed
#4: Captain Rex - bought
#5: Clone Trooper - bought
#6: General Grievous - bought
#7: Battle Droid - bought
#8: R2-D2 - bought
#9: Ahsoka Tano - bought
#10: Clone Commander Cody - passed
#11: Clone Pilot Odd Ball - passed
#12: Super Battle Droid - bought
#13: Count Dooku - bought
#14: Plo Koon - bought
#15: Asajj Ventress - bought
#16: C-3PO - bought
#17: Destroyer Droid - passed
#18: IG-86 Assassin Droid - bought
#19: Clone Trooper (212th Attack Battalion) - passed
#20: Padmé Amidala - bought
#21: Clone Trooper with Space Gear - bought
#22: Magnaguard - bought
#23: R3-S6 "Goldie" - bought
#25: Jar Jar Binks - bought
#25: Rocket Battle Droid - passed
#26: Clone Trooper (41st Elite Corps) - passed
#27: Kit Fisto - passed

CW01: General Grievous* - passed
CW02: Clone Trooper with Space Gear* - passed
CW03: Rocket Battle Droid* - passed
CW04: Clone Trooper (41st Elite Corps)* - passed
CW05: Kit Fisto* - passed
CW06: Mace Windu - passed
CW07: Admiral Yularen - bought
CW08: Jawas - passed
CW09: Commander Gree - passed
CW10: ARF Trooper - passed
CW11: Heavy Assault Super Battle Droid - passed
CW12: Obi-Wan Kenobi (Space Suit) - passed
CW13: 4A-7 - passed
CW14: Yoda - passed
CW15: Whorm Loathsom - bought
CW16: Commando Droid - passed
CW17: Clone Trooper Echo - passed
CW18: Anakin Skywalker* - passed
CW19: Obi-Wan Kenobi* - passed
CW20: Clone Trooper Denal - passed
CW21: Anakin Skywalker (Space Suit) - passed
CW22: Cad Bane - bought
CW23: Ahsoka Tano (Space Suit) - passed

So last year, I was buying this line.

The style more than anything else is what bothers me, and it's not just the animated look, it's the fact that the articulation is so lacking on a lot of them that I feel like Hasbro is just laughing at the whole situation because this has to be a cheaper venue for them.

When I ordered the Can Bane figure on ebay a while back, I was excited. But that figure is so poorly made that it has turned me off of just about all of this line completely. Hasbro really cheaped out on it, and that's because THEY CAN. Then I picked up Whorm Loathsome, for custom parts. But even with that I am finding this style is nearly impossible to work with. I've bought a few figures in the past that I thought I could do something with, but almost every time I find that the style just doesn't work.

Looking at Cad Bane again in a store the other day, it just made me sick. Great character, terrible execution. Out of principle it pissed me off enough to pass on the ARF Trooper and Jawas, two figures I wanted to get but will not. What do I need them for anyway, they don't fit into the style that I collect.

Also when walking into a toy aisle looking for new figures I see this animated stuff, which looks more like Ben 10 figures than the classic Star Wars style I know and love, so I just shake my head. I've been loyal to this line for almost 15 years now, but now I'm having to work harder than ever to find figures that I want to buy because of this alternative style. I see a lot of these as replacing figures that could instead be in the realistic style... I mean, maybe that TPM wave would already be out in stores if Hasbro wasn't pushing these. Maybe the Owen/Beru wave wouldn't be so hard to find either.

And 10 figures being all NEW sculpts may seem like a lot, but really we get get around 10 new sculpts in just two waves of the BAD assortment it seems. This line has been around for 12 months now, I don't think that 43% being all new sculpts for this year is a ratio that represents a high investment in the tooling for Hasbro. Which is all the more reason I just look at this line and say "YUCK." Then the new Deluxe assortment, packed with repacked figures with older mini vehicles... again, almost NO tooling investment for Hasbro. Just repaint it and throw it in a box. Very innovative Hasbro, bravo. :roll:

Finally, about a year ago, I really didn't think I'd walk into stores and the only new figures I'd be seeing 90% of the time would be the animated stuff. That doesn't help my attitude either and only adds to my burnt out feeling on this line. My first thought on the style was that I didn't like it. However I was willing to give it a chance after the first wave hit last summer, as I bought the first couple waves. But quite often one's first impression is the right one. And my first impression was that I didn't like the animated style, and now I dislike it more than ever. It's not enjoyable for a collector who likes the realistic style figures to keep seeing new animated figures shipping but not realistic waves.

So, for those that like it - enjoy! It's a different style, something fresh. There's a big market for it, and that's great for that market. For me though, other than the occassional figure that I think I can find some customizing use out of, I'm done with it.

I gave it a year, but Hasbro's approach on this line has just burnt me out.

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By jedibyron
Chewie, I 100% completely agree with you there. I was really disappointed when Hasbro came out with these last year and said that they wouldn't be doing ANY of the CW characters in a realistic styling at all... that just seems like a cop-out to me and I think you're right Chewie, it's all about the bottom line for them rather than styling or what kids actually want.

I get excited about the new stuff coming out for Legacy and the realistic line but then when I actually see the figures it seems that so many of them are rushed and less than totally awesome, and it makes me wonder if they're doing so much on the CW line that they're starting to cut corners on this line even though they are supposedly separate.

I decided in the beginning that I wasn't going to collect the CW line out of protest for Hasbro keeping it separate and basically shutting out those of us that like the show but aren't fans of the figure styling.... I thought it might be a painful boycott to keep up but honestly they're really doing me a favor by making such crappy figures.... With the exception of the clones the figures have so little detail and articulation and are so anemic looking that it's easy to pass on all of them.

The ships have been a nice redemption of the line but honestly with the price gouging that's going on it's such a trade off... I can't afford to buy any of the new ships coming out so it sours the fact that they're even being made...
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By YAK_Chewie
I agree, it seems like it's all about the bottom line with the CW stuff.

Now, I understand completely that Hasbro wants to maximize profit, especially in this economy. But they're really half-assed a lot of this line.

The regular movie figures are still really good for the most part I think, but the plethora of SAGA Legends is another example of Hasbro saving money while they still reap the profits... a combo of the CW stuff and SAGA Legends repacks harks back to them saying a while back that the collector oriented figures don't sell as well... other than Yarna and the Organas, that seems like a straight up lie. It's pretty obvious that it's just an excuse because they have to invest more dollars into the BAD line than the other two.

In the end, I guess it's good business sense. Hasbro has a larger market now than I think they've ever had for this stuff, so they can get away with it.

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By Theo Zissou
I completely agree with the whole "maximize profit" and i'm against repacking this stuff so soon after being released, but actually as seen in the posters for the figures coming out this year they have 46 clonewar figures this year with 12 of those being repacks and 54 from the bad line figures with no repacks that i can see (maybe wrong though) :P i know they have figures in the legacy line that feel almost repack to me since i have so many of that character like obiwan, and han. But yeah pretty good for the bad line. :)
By zedhatch
I am very sick of Anakin, Obi-wan and most of the clones. I am needing a few more clones for a project but I am trying to grab different ones each time. Ihave all the ones I am running into (at least te ones I want).

If I saw some newer stuff I probably wouldn't feel the same sence of Burnout with CW. Legacy has still been pretty solid though.
By mister_palpatine
I'm feeling just the opposite. I'm enjoying the Clone Wars line more than I was last year. The Legacy collection is what's burning me out. Clone Wars is returning Star Wars to a line of ACTION figures. I don't care how articulated you add to a boring Cantina alien, it will still be a boring toy. I find the Clone Wars figures with less articulation to be more durable than the rest, and the lack of knee articulation doesn't bother me much. For the line as a whole the balance between good guys and bad guys seems much better than what we get in Legacy. When I do look to purchase something from the films, I find myself gravitating to the Battle Packs, Saga Legends, and Greatest Hits. I do think 2009 is starting a turn around with the Legacy collection, as I like most of the upcoming figures. My biggest beef with Clone Wars currently is Hasbro's inability to keep pace with the series. We're getting Loathesom and the Y-Wing nearly a year after their respective appearances in the cartoon. I feel like Hasbro needs to get a better grip on releasing toys in conjuction with episode airings.
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By darth_sidious
Hasbro is doing something right with the CW line, because they seem to be selling well with both kids and collectors. I personally think we're drowning in product though, both CW and Legacy are made in such high volumes its hard to collect everthing. We have 2 lines of basic figures, comic packs, deluxe, 2-packs, battlepacks and the list goes on. I think Hasbro should cut back a little on the CW line, and give us 4 new figures in each wave, and a couple repacks that are top sellers, like the original Ashoka figure.
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By Paulskywalker
I not so bothered by their large line but what gets me as is evident all over these days is their obesession with quick sell-throughs, it feels like they have to have it of the shelves in amonth for the next lot! A few older toy companies make a line with small and large items that they plan to sell over a number of years whilst bringing out more new items annually this i assume helps with costing and production and clearly doesn't affect them producing new items.
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