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so will this be the 20-25 dollar range I was hoping to see some TF pics so now I am wondering if this will be a larger size droid vehicle between 20 dollar size and 60 dollar size?
Grimace wrote:I just saw that HTS has this listed online but out of stock ... ST=PR&PG=5

It has been in and out of stock a lot over the past couple of days. I ordered mine from HTS a couple of weeks ago when the 25% off code was still in effect. It was delivered yesterday, so I can't wait to crack it open when I'm home for winter break.
the thing is very lightweight
no weathering deco of course, so it looks factory fresh
it has 3 of those very long skinny missles which look kinda silly I think

the cockpit is removable
very tiny but I guess a droid pilot doesn't need much room

the landing gear is actually one big strut and the Gunship rests on the cockpit front and the strut
at first I didn't think it would look good but I am pleased with the result
here is a belly shot with the landing strut extended

a belly shot, no cockpit

the lack of heft on this reminds me of the swamp speeder, and that was a bit of a disappointment
but with this having a visible (however small) role in ROTS, I am pleased to finally add this to my collection

why this is part of the Clone Wars collection I will never understand

mine came from a TRU in Toronto Canada, so the box has 4 languages on it
kinda neat

after the fact I learned that the Droid Tri Fighter was there too, but I didn't get one because I didn't ask for it
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