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Picked this up today at TRU, yeah sure as people have said it's heavily under-scaled next to figures, but it's still a really good vehicle and i like it a lot; come on how big do you want an unmanned gunship to be? :lol:

Yeah dirt would have been nice but i give up on that now lol.
Steelgrave wrote:I'm still waiting for this piece of #@#% to show up. Been waiting a year now. It's the ONLY Star Wars item I want. :evil:

sorry I just had to laugh at that. But yeah where the heck is it? I still have yet to even find anything vehicle wise beyond the wave with the Swamp speeder AT AP and Hyenna Bomber.
Ok, I see somebody found it at Target in Alabama. There's a Clone Turbo Speeder collecting dust at my Walmart but no sign of this wave anywhere. I guess I'm gonna have to start hunting Targets for it.

I just went to EntertainmentEarth to see if they bumped it to May yet. Every month they've been bumping it to the next month. It still says coming in April. Hopefully it will start showing up in force. (heh, "in force")
Went by there and it was gone.

Today, I went by a different Target close to my work, and they had one (and the Deluxe Clone Jesse). I passed on both. For some reason I just couldn't pull the trigger on the gunship... does it have any sort of landing gear? The pics on the box didn't seem to indicate that it did. If it does, I want it. If not, probably will not ever get it.

the landing gear is a thick strut on the bottom which supports it just fine IMO

it looks a bit small compared to what we saw in ROTS, but that is par for the course, right?

nevertheless, I feel it is a worthwhile investment
I stopped by my Target & they had 4 older ships sitting on the shelf. I scanned one of them & it said they have more in the back room. So they might have it. But I'll never know. I can't ask for help because they'll just tell me the same ones are in the back & they can't go pull certain items for customers blah blah blah.

Only thing I can really do is put on a red shirt & pretend to be a new employee & sneak back there myself. :roll: Or hope Walmart gets them.
I hate that, sorry to hear.

I went back to the Target that I passed on this ship from. It's been sitting there for a few days, so I bought it now realizing it has a stand/ramp thing.

It didn't ring up, and the cashier asked me the price. The moral side of me told them the correct price of $24.99. Apparently my friend found another one at a third Target and it didn't ring up either; he lied and said $17.99 and that's what he got it for. I could have tried that, but just don't feel right doing that kind of stuff.


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