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Well I never did get it. I went back and it was gone then I found one at Walmart. Did not have the money on me went back next day, gone! It is so irritating when the one at Target sat for over a week until I decided I wanted it and then poof.
Bought this last night. Walmart restocked. There was only one Droid gunship and a ton of plo koons fighter and Torrent fighter and a few of the tridroid. So are they packing in more of the repacks/repaints over the actual new ships? Everytime I have seen this one It is the only one.

ON another note. It is alright. I am a little bit underwhelmed though with the size. Actually it is kinda nice the thing that ruins it or could have really saved this one is the deco. Oh man if they could have weathered a little bit like it shows in the picture on the box. I would have really enjoyed it, even the tiny cockpit I can not get a regular figure into. ;)
I've been wanting this since Ep III. Haven't seen it yet. Should show up soon. Stores have been getting product lately. Just not the newest waves. :(

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Nice!! What a great gift!