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Hasbro have been in touch to let us know some of the details about the redemption program that will be running after the rocket-firing Boba Fett promotion has finished.

The redemption certificate will be included in the Clone Wars figure assortment for Autumn/Fall 2010.

Galactic Battle Mat and Sergeant Bric Figure Redemption Program

The Galactic Battle Mat works as both a playmat and carrying case for your Star Wars Figures and comes with 20 pockets to hold Star Wars figures and accessories, allowing you to play the Galactic Battle Game with your favourite heroes and villains.

Also included is an exclusive Sergeant Bric Figure with Battling Card, Battling Base (portable play mat) and game die. All other battle cards and figures sold separately.

The galactic battle cards are included in the following items:

•Clone Wars figures
•Star Wars Saga Legends figures
•Star Wars Battle Packs
•Star Wars Figure & Vehicle Assortment
Our thanks to Hasbro Canada for passing on this information and we will be doing a more in-depth write-up on the game, so keep checking back for more details.
want the figure, don't care about the other stuff with it

I wonder if that other stuff will raise the price any?

$6.99 is an OK deal for a figure, and a great deal for the Qui Gon/Eopie set
but if I have to pay extra for stuff I don't want and can't use.....

I guess we will find out sometime in the fall
No Probs Jayson!

I'm interested to see what the mat is, as well as the figure. As i have two of the battle boards from the Attictix line and they have served me well in a couple of photo dioramas.
terman123 wrote:
Grimace wrote:did I miss the price of this on the form?

No the price is usually on the back of the form which wasn't shown.

I opened some of my Clone Wars figures tonight and the enclosed order forms are for the Mat only. So, either there are 2 mailaway promotions or we in the US will be getting Sergeant Bric by different means.
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