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I was just thinking it's a wonder they didn't go down the Sgt Limbec road with this guy and changed Poms Limbec's backstory to say his Military career was over when he was kicked out of the Imperial Navy for being alien and thats how he ended up frequenting dives like the cantina. :lol:
YAK_Chewie wrote:I've opened a couple CW figures so far, and see redemption forms for the Battle Mat, but no mention of Sergeant Bric is on the form...?


There are 2 different forms shipping with the new CW figures. One with Bric and one without. Weird.
I just spoke to a Hasbro Customer Service rep on the phone, and he informed me that the "Mat only" certificates are misprints, and that all Battle Mats come with Sgt. Bric, regardless of what Certificate you mail in. Guy was very helpful!

I will be mailing in a few of these tomorrow, for me and my nephews.
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