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My pleasure guys, I know that several folks were wondering how it looked like and whether it worked as a "carry case" or not. I enjoy playing the game with my kids. You never know when undead geo warrior can beat a Jedi or a clone trooper defeat say Asajj or Aurra :shock:
darth_sidious wrote:Its funny how Hasbro said this promo wasnt going well, yet they ran out of figures. If they are using this figure as an excuse not to do more CW mail-away figures, they'll have to think of some other reason.

Don't forget they ran out of Bric back in the begging too. I shipped my POPs off right away and I received the post card that said demand was higher than expected. That was right around the time Hasbro said TCW mail aways were not popular or what???
So its unlikely TRU UK will be picking this up then, they were supposed to get the Eoopie and never did; the same thing happened with that yeah?
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