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Paulskywalker wrote:Picked up battle damaged Grievous, looks amazing. They had Aurra who i really wanted but the paint on them was rubbish.

Where did you find them at, Paul? I haven't seen them yet!
Chester TRU, they always getting things in quicker than the Liverpool one whic is nearer. So i hoped the train to it.

Grievous is awesome by the way. He is soft plastic but that helps with the articulation, he also has 4 points of articulation in his leg, hips, knee, lower join and ankle, Really poseable and his battle damaged head, removable chest/shoulder armourand cut off arms are a really nice touch.

They also had Aurra Sing and Mando Police Officer, as i said she had undesirable issues with her paint and i can wait for him.
I solved the problem with balancing the new Grievous, obviously he has no pegholes but there are two holes on the stand, just put two of his claws in them and he stays up.
I have Aurra Sing and Pre Vizsla, and i love them both! i have minor nitpicks (Aurra's antenna is huge, Vizsla's pack doesnt fit well) but all in all they are fantastic. I still need to pick up Grevious. I passed on the Mando Policeman because of his lower articulation. I am really hoping to snag the Deluxe Cad Bane and Deluxe Plo Koon soon! :)
By heybert17
At 3 different stores today I found 1 each of the newest 4 figures and tons and tons and tons of repacks. Not 1 each at each store, I found 1 each total at the 3 stores combined. The amount of repacks already clogging the pegs is ridiculous, how the heck do they expect to sell all of these figures in time for any on the next waves, and even they will contain more stupid repacks. Hasbro has got to change the ratios of their cases or this line and all their Star Wars lines are gonna die. At the very least the last couple waves are gonna be impossible to find since stores will not order them or they will go exclusive like BAD wave 13 did.
Finished this wave today by picking up Pre VIzla. Really good figure and with the helmet on i think could pass for realistic, at a pinch. Like the black armour and the darksaber. Only niggle i have is the cloak was creased from the package. :lol:
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By YAK_Jayson
The Mandalorian Police Officer (CW09) has been added to the toyguide today.

PROS: A nice looking figure for the most part, a little "TRON"-like, but cool. Well armed in the accessory department and the flip-up face shield is nice touch as well.

CONS: Lacks knee and ankle articulation.

Check it out.

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