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By Lindsey
would you mind taking a pic of the SKU number? The only way I was able to score the whole EU wave at TRU (or anything new for that matter) was by showing them the SKU number and having them check in the back.
By Wiiwhitey
Did you happen to get the item number off the pegs? Looks like an amazing figures and I'll be my TRU to adjust it to 2 for $9.99 deal if their out this week.
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By YAK_Jayson
Lindsey wrote:wii I think that deal only applies to 7.49 figures, this babys 15 bucks :?

Correct, this figure doesn't qualify for the promotion.
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By Paulskywalker
The Dark Trooper looks lik ehe's shaking his fist at him "OOOooo!!" :lol:
By Wiiwhitey
Looks like I didn't need the item number as I walked into TRU today and they had about 20 of him! Picked one up and he's a beast of a figure. There was also some scalper hovering over the section the whole time I was there picking out the Pre Vizsla's, Aurra Sing's, and the Vintage figures. He had least 50 figures in his cart, I really wanted to kick his *** right then and there.
By Lindsey
a snide comment would suffice, like "can I get you a shopping cart to go with those figures?" or "thanks for leaving some for the rest of us!" :P

went by my TRU today, they just got in the vintage figures and vehicle packs but none of him yet, I figure by next week CA will be getting their shipments, the fellow working there said (at least for my store) that they are only getting one shipment in these days and thats on Wednesday.
By stroebel83
going on a hunt tomorrow hoping he has popped up in Indiana lots of luck so far!!!
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By YAK_Chewie
This guy has sold out at my TRU now... I saw one last night, and someone put it in their cart... I'd say the store had at least 24 of them last week. Good to see that something like this is moving, especially when priced so high (because I to think this guy is worth the price tag).

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