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I have to say that at $80 this set is GREAT value:

A big vehicle/playset that coul easily retail for $40-$50
A repainted SF with very cool colors: $17-$25
(3) NEW Figures: $18-$25
(2) Re-packed figures (Anaking being the better Space Suit version with softer plastci skirt so you can sit him on his SF and although the old Mace version, it comes with the cool clone helmet that every kid loves.: $8-$12

So a $83-$112 value.
Paulskywalker wrote:I wish i had waited for this, i bought it at full price when it came out and at one point it went down to 60 quid.

I know what you mean! I got it for £100, £30 less than the original price, but just before Christmas it was going for £50 at TRU! I was a little peeved that I hadn't waited a little longer! It's back up to £100 now, I think, and my TRU still has loads of them left!
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