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AaylaSecurasMan wrote:I got it during the $89.99 sale a couple of weeks ago. Do you guys know if they will give me a credit? or I need to return it and re-buy it?

They probably won't credit, I'd just buy the cheaper one and return it with your old receipt.
Gah! I keep trying to rationalize getting this, but i keep coming up short.... I really want Bossk, and sorta the slave1. I would rather have the bounty hunter boba coming single packed later on though. I have no real use for Mace, the Jedi fighter, or the other figures really. :(
This seems to be popular with parents and kids here.

Was in TRU today and two parents were saying their lil boy wanted it but got a bit confused by the name and were unsure Slave 1 was the Boba ship he was wanting, the other was a mother looking to buy a vehicle for her son who has figures. So yeah the kid fanbase for CW is out there and parents seem to be willing for Xmas.
I picked it up with the sale at tru for 79.99. I have to say I love this thing! The ship is great the new figures are also great. I really did not want to buy this though all because I do not want the repack figures or repaint jedi star fighter I have to many star fighters now. I think Hasbro kind of did a bit of overkill on this set. Just put slave one out there with the Bosk and Boba, call it good. I am glad I bought it though as this seems to be the only way we will get it.

When i first opened it I thought in my mind it did not seem that big HA HA then I grabbed my old Jango slave one and wow it really is a lot bigger. Again great ship and it is even more amazing with Episode II figures.
Yeah - what I can see, this thing is moving really well here and bodes well for an OT repaint.

The lower price is really a good deal, but I agree, they went overboard with making this include a second ship and more figures. However, I am guessing that TRU really wanted a big ticket item, which is why this came to be in this format.

Really, Hasbro has done some amazing things with new vehicles for the past few years. I know they could do the same with playsets if they just put their minds to it.

I agree i'm so glad i got it too. But being a student and i thought that £100 saving could have gone else where, it was not long after i got it when the price went down and i heard people talking about returning them to get money back and i was tempted but i personally would have felt guilty; like you say i don't look down on those that do it good on you if your saving money just i couldn't.
Heh... I think it was literally 3 days after I bought it that they ran the sale which was $30 cheaper than what I paid. Not that I'm rolling in the dough, but I didn't really consider getting a price adjustment because I would have felt guilty too (I actually find myself living from paycheck to paycheck quite often though).

I usually do not bother with price adjustments either but 30 dollars is a good chunk and I would fight for it.

I will say it again though I like this ship so much. I think I played with it more than I have the AT AT. Now if the rumors are true and there may be an ESB version coming, I am in!
YAK_Chewie wrote:After the insane price hike back to $109.99 at TRU, these are back to $79.99 again in my area. I guess that TRU wasn't selling them at that inflated price... hopefully they'll do the same for the figures soon too.


Yep, same here spotted a few on my TRU today.
I dont collect vehicles, so I never bought this set, but I was able to pick up the exclusive figures from this pack, and Bossk is pretty awesome, its a shame he wasnt carded and even more of a shame that Hasbro said they dont have plans to card him. Boba is good, I'd like to see them sculpt a few new heads and give us a cadet 2-pack in the basic line.
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