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That little droid is pretty cool though, maybe they can get him into a 2-pk with a reworked Mace Windu or something. Or just on a basic card for those that want him.

Looking at the 2-pk idea though, I don't see any reason why they couldn't do some sort of astromech theme, with Anakin w R2, Ashoka w/ Goldie and Mace w/ his droid... however I'd pass on those personally!

Paulskywalker wrote:But it wouldn't make sense to pack Boba and the Droid together as there is no relationship between them.

Of course it doesnt make sense to put those two together lol - but my point was just that Hasbro needs to give us more bang for our buck. A better idea would be to pack the cadet Boba with another cadet using the same body, just with a different head. As for Mace Windus droid, they could pack him with a small hologram of Mace or something. :wink:
Totally get what you mean but Hasbro don't do bang for our buck, they do bang for their buck. So like other Astro's i'm sure this guy will be packed alone and the Fett cadet two pack is a great idea but again no That won't make Hasbro money. :roll:
Saw this for the 1st time tonight, definately not worth 110.00. I will wait for the re-release in Empire deco, if it never comes I can live with that. If we never had a Slave-1 before then maybe I would think differently, but until this came out the existing Slave-1 was just fine.
Darth_Cuddles wrote:Does anyone know if this is coming out in the UK?

Not heard nothing and UK sites in the Q&A send in daft questions rather than send one in now and then that asks whats coming here?
You'd think a large item like this would see a UK release, but I've heard nothing either. It's not even been on any online stores over here and the ones I buy from usually do a good job of getting stuff from the States. Looks like we may miss out on this one! :(
There are a few things at the moment that don't seem to have appeared on the radar like they normally do, for example in FP today i asked about the Cyborg Maul/Owen Lars and Camie and Fixer comic packs which normally convention stuff comes out here and they've heard nothing. Though good news for the Entertainment Earth Comic packs there on preorder on the FP site.
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