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By YAK_Jayson
Looks like that according to our latest spy report, the AT-AP is going to see release again. It isn't known at this time if it's a repack of the TAC version or a new repaint.

Clone Wars Vehicle Assortment Wave 2
1x AT-AP (94810)
1x Clone Swamp Speeder (94812)
1x Hyena Bomber (19695)
1x AAT (Redeco) (94811)
By Grimace
I was watching ROTS on the Spike channel a few days ago

I noticed that the AT-AP by Hasbro is totally undersized compared to what was seen on Felucia
the AT-PT was lower to the ground that the AT-AP was
I like the colour scheme, shame it's not been made bigger.
By Grimace
ROTS was on the Spike channel not too long ago, and I for the first time I noticed the AT-AP on Kashyyyk

I happily moved this repaint off the EU shelf onto the seen in a movie shelf

incidentally, I also moved the Jedi Turbo Speeder there too, because I'm sure I saw one in AOTC during the Zam Wessell chase over Coruscant

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