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By Grimace
I never found any of the clone cash this time around

the Jedi Turbo Speeder is not selling in central Iowa
almost every Walmart has at least one on shelf
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By darthmadonna
I have only seen it once and I bought mine that was at walmart. Now I am seeing plenty of Torrent fighters and tri Droids at Walmarts and Targets but no Jedi SPeeder. On the other hand I have never once seen Xanadu Blood.
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By YAK_Jayson
I have yet to see this at all, but I must admit I haven't been hitting a lot of stores lately (mostly sticking to Target).
By Jedighost009
I want 2 of these at least. They haven't been showing up alot around here yet.
By stroebel83
has anyone started customizing these yet
By stroebel83
almost grabbed another of these at my wm, but at 24.99 i just couldn't do it
i really want to paint one of these like a hotrod

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