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By AaylaSecurasMan
Didn't see a thread for this wave (aka "Colt wave" that has Eeth Koth, Barriss, Riot Clone and the ARC Trooper (Colt). A fellow collector picked it up from TRU last night here in the PHX, AZ area. The hunt begins!
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By darthmadonna
This is a wave I am looking forward too. Clone Wars seems to be picking up again in better character selection. I am really loving the Riot Clone!
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By darthmadonna
It is kind of funny that I have seen a change in TCW. When it debuted I was not collecting it at all nor were many other collectors I knew. Now it seems it has gotten much more popular because As you said RC it is getting harder to find the new figures. I usually swing by a little after opening and I am seeing the hot wheelers or other hardcore collectors snagging up the new clone wars now at open. Which has become frustrating. This line was all about grabbing the ones I like and rip 'em open. You know just have fun with it.

I am glad you guys are stoked for the Jedi. I am not much of a Jedi fan unless it involves my boy Obi :)
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By RC 0379 Marev
yeah, i love the jedi figures. I actually wish the Separatists would get more love though, my Republic forces drastically outnumber them...I feel like i need a droid battlepack or army builder offer to beef up my B1 legions. What CW really needs is some evil force users...where are the sith witches, the assassins, etc...
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By YAK_Jayson
Received this wave today... I posted some preview pics on facebook until I get the individual Toyguide pages finished. Check them out!
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By YAK_Jayson
She has swivel elbows.
By Grimace
it seems that none of the paint on the clones hardly ever matches the others

3 shades of red, 4 shades of blue, 3 shades of orange

that wont stop me from getting them; just observing
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By YAK_Jayson
Barriss Offee has been added to the toyguide. A phenomenal figure all around despite the un-articulated legs.
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