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By MisterPL
According to the guide, that yellow is supposed to be Pantone 1225.


Looks a little pale in the pictures.
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By darthmadonna
Love Savage but yeah I want him in full dress and as Mister PL pointed out. With such a dynamic and possible future fan boy character you would think they would have gone all out with this. When I look at him I imagine him hunting his pray amongst giant bunches of bananas. I thought he should have been more on the orange side. Looks like Chiquita Bananas has a new spokesperson. :lol:
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By AaylaSecurasMan
darth_sidious wrote:I hope they repack the armored version, I need one for my nephew eventually - and it seems like many collectors missed him as well.

Yep, hoping for the same here.
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By AaylaSecurasMan
So I opened the armored version for my son this weekend and the hands fall of very easily on our copy, very frustrating :?

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