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By MisterPL
This is a very tough set to get excited about. Bane would have been better off on a single card. If he's popular enough for a completely new sculpt and a droid pack-in, this disguise would have been a no-brainer. Maybe they had a ton of extra Ahsoka and Anakin figures in inventory.
darth_sidious wrote:So Hasbro is tossing in one new figure that was supposed to be released on a basic card, and jammed it into a BP with 2 repacks - what ever happened to their statement that new figures wouldnt be packed into BPs alongside repacks? Its really hard to trust what Hasbro says now...

Agree with all that and then to add about the bolded part: NOW? Now?

Pfffttt... it's been that way for some time....
This one really has me seeing red! I am so upset with Hasbro! I want the Bane really bad but come on! I already have Anakin and Asohka in their space gear. So this is the way Hasbro says thanks to me and all the other collectors who have supported this line and actually own those two figures. Way to go :evil:
I got one of these from the asia-pacific eBayer whose had these for sale.

$31.00 AUD for the complete Cad Bane - nice deal for me as I do not have to pay the cost of the BP (of which are scarce to find here in Australia) and won't end up with an Ahsoka and Anakin I do not need. :D :D :D
By Grimace
I have fears of finding this set and the Bane has been removed and swapped out with some clone

more than once I saw the TAC Treachery on Salucemi (I'm sure I spelled that wrong) with the Neyo figures swapped out with regular clones
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By MisterPL
I had to have the Bane figure so it looks like my daughter's getting another Ahsoka Tano figure. She'll love it since she can't find the last one and this is a different costume. Anakin can pilot something. Glad it was ONLY $20. :?

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