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Another really aggravating pack. Love the clone, Grievous maybe ok with the cape but not really necessary, and I am sick to death of all the Rex rehashes. Also love how near half the box is featuring the card game. What are they selling a card game with free figures now?
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the Grievous figure in this set is easily the best CW version of Grievous made to date

this one can actually stand by itself!!
the cape is beautiful!

I honestly wasn't expecting much but I am very impressed by the Grievous in this set
Kix is decent as a new clone with a unique paintjob

Rex is a complete disappointment
his helmet looks odd, the damage on the pauldron is boring

come on Hasbro! enough with the Rex figures in the battle packs!

time for a battle droid repaint or some other clone who is not Cody
after further research, I have concluded that the Grievous included in this set is the best Grievous that Hasbro has ever made for any line

it stands up without assistance, it looks great and the cape is one of the best ever

totally worth the $20
probably not the $25 that TRU wants for it

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