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Assuming this is the cannon in the movie that i wanted as soon as i saw it! Hopefully this isn't something else that Hasbro has come up with instead.
YAK_Jayson wrote:What's funny is that I did this as an April Fool's Day joke back in 2009:

Samething happened to me with the AT TE. Whatever it is you really want Hasbro to make, turn it in to an April fools next year and just wait lol.

Yeah Chewie thats what i thought it is, but with no picture of it i worry. :D
I understand the reasoning at the time. The Clone Wars was "new" back then, and now that there is an established group of collectors for this line, this seems like less of a risk to them. And to be honest, there is not a lot there in terms of material and 4 of the legs would probably share the same mold for additional cost savings.
I get aggravated when they imply so often that there is zero chance of something becoming a reality in the line because it's not action oriented enough.

They really just need to leave their options open in my opinion... which I guess they do in a way, as it seems their strategy changes every couple years or so too. That kind of gives me some hope with some of the things they have said are off the table... but I'm getting older, and my time for enjoying this stuff is starting to become a smaller window. I really hope they take advantage of the interest of people like myself in certain items before it's too late.

Hmmm. When I 1st read the post, I thought it was this thing...
772px-Stun_tanks_on_Coruscant.jpg (48.04 KiB) Viewed 1866 times
460px-Stun_tank.jpg (22.72 KiB) Viewed 1866 times
Rune Haako wrote:I'd rather have the Separatist proton cannon

Now THAT I'd like! That one is awesome. :wink:
Seems like it would be the equivalent of the Republic's 4 legged artillery cannon. I'd like to see both of them produced.
I'd like the Sep equivalent too, i think also with the legs off it would double as the sep cannons on their frigates.

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