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YAK_Chewie wrote:
AaylaSecurasMan wrote:Still looking for this one here.

Yeah, same here. The mid-size assortment is a bit stale right now with what's on the shelves. Really can't wait to see this sucker hit stores in my area.


Every store I've been too has been totally revamped with the mid-size line from stuff up to 3 years ago all coming back on the shelves.

I might get 2 of these pending on how they look in person.
starting to see more jedi turbo speeders, so hopefully these aren't too far behind
I found the cannon at TRU, in the cardboard aisle display setup in the front of the store

I found 2 at one store and 1 at another, and each cannon was placed behind a ship or two
those displays hold up to 4 boxes so you may want to dig deeper when looking
Persistance finally paid off - been hitting TRU each day on my lunch break for the past couple weeks, knowing that some TRU stores have been getting them...

When I walked in today, there was a cart with a ton of Star Wars boxes on it (mostly Clone Wars Spider Droid Battle Packs, SAGA Legends, and lightsabers) - saw one case of mid size vehicles... saw no employees for about 10 minutes, so I popped it open.


1x Republic Artillery Cannon
1x Super Vulture Droid
1x Cad Bane Xanadu Blood
1x Obi-Wan's Red Delta 2 Jedi Starfighter

Bought the Cannon, left the others in the case. Had to go because the employees suddenly started circling around the area like pissed off wasps.

I'm thrilled to have this, even if it is 3 years late

one thing for sure, I am very tired of the Jedi Star Fighter repaint after repaint after repaint after repaint

this cannon is a most welcome addition to my clone army forces
they could throw in the old spider homing droid while they're at it
Got this today from TRU, past it 2-3 times before i realised it was on the shelf in front of lol. Really cool cannon, love it! :D
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