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So this has been listed at a few online retailers. There has been some speculation and unwarranted excitement I feel. It is definitely not a new Slave 1 in the Starfighter assortment and technically Slave one is not Madalorian. But I am speculating here and think it is from the the Madalore Plot story arc. Here is my best guess.



I must say I hope this is the ship and it will have to be scaled down also. But this is or could be the most exciting thing in the starfighter assortment in awhile for me.

Any other ideas? I am sure there are some other ships seen in the background of the Madalore episodes
that would be a great ship, i'd be in for at least two
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By YAK_Jayson
#105391 has posted an image of the rumored Clone Wars Mandalorian Assault Transport via Twitter! Follow them for the latest from SDCC!
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By Paulskywalker
That is so cool!!! Is that two or four seats, can't tll cus of the reflection.

Also could this be merged with the existing thread.
a multi person craft would rock

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