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found this on ebay ... 2626wt_690
its priced high but if you go to the store in Indiana it's not so bad
the good news is these guys get direct from hasbro
so that means they're shipping!!!
I know we've all seen great pics of this from SDCC, but damnit, I want to look at these some more. :mrgreen:



I honestly now think that it's the coolest looking item they showed at SDCC. It just seems to fit in so well with the prequels, the OT, etc. It just screams Star Wars... doesn't have to be Mandalorian either. I plan on getting at least two, with the intention for one to be a custom ship for a certain photonovel series that's rumored to be coming back soon...

Yeah were the heck is this? I have not seen any new vehicles. I have been seeing a lot of fresh Snowspeeder and cloud cars lately though. Are these just being dredged up from the bowels of big box warehouses and DC's or actually being shipped again?
I've only heard of one person getting thiseso far, a UK collector in the RS UK finds thread; he got it online or from the US i think?
Yeah i know a small family store that is on hasbro's distribution list, they got these about a month ago. They seem to get thing as projected bc they are a smaller place with not as much merchandise to move. So i am hopeful we see these soon, really this is the last thing I am looking for this season.
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