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By combatJedi
I picked up Cody and the trooper......that new Anakin head sculpt looks out of whack somehow....I went to another Walmart and found the TPM wave....something tells me they are going to raise the price on the vintage....both CW and VC are at $8.97...I hope not so just in case I grabbed another Sidious and Maul
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By AaylaSecurasMan
YAK_Chewie wrote:Seems all the Wal-Marts in my area stuffed the pegs with this wave the past few days... the only figure that seems to be moving at this point is Cody and the new Clone Trooper.


Yep, same here, they are the only that have something new on them, they made a mistake re-packing Mace Windu as he was recently re-packed and still sitting in the SOTD packaging ( I guess the same for Yoda), they should've also re-packed the armored savage and not the shirtless although I think that the shirtless will move in any case
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By darth_sidious
I spotted CW wave 1 for 2012 today at WM - I was less than excited to see them. The Season 3 clone trooper was pretty cool, and I planned to buy him, so I picked it up. I had the BOGO coupon with me, so I bought Anakin as well. I thought I was going to like Anakin when I saw him online, but he is nothing special - if I didnt have the coupon, I would have skipped him.
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By darthmadonna
I just came back from WM and found these also. VERY few and I had to dig through TONS of Movie Heroes to find the CW figures. I picked up the new Clone and the Chewie. Anakin was kind of a let down again. Also something common around my immediate vicinity was only the "new" figures were completely smashed and bent. LOL This has been going on for years around here. Either way I laugh in the face of the jerk because I bought them anyways since I am going to open them. :lol:
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By darthmadonna
I opened my Clone Trooper at first I was wee bit disappointed as he is not super articulated and I thought he was based off that horrible Clone mold they have been using so much lately. I went and grabbed some Clones and discovered he is an all new sculpt. He is still miles ahead of the crappy lesser articulated mold still. He is actually really nice and if Hasbro need to cut cost because of articulation I would be very OK with this sculpt compared to that awful one they have.
By stroebel83
Looking for cody and one more trooper, still on the fence about cody though
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By Paulskywalker
Got a couple of phase 2 clones, Cody and Chewie today; clones look very sleek! Worried though these are showing up everywhere and we haven't had the Even Piell/Armoured Savage waves here like they sadly did with the Vos/Flamethrower wave so worried i'll never get those either now! :?
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By darthmadonna
I went out to the farthest NW corner of the continental US this week and on the way to nowhere was a town with a small walmart. I stopped and found a star wars section that looked untouched since the January street date! I finally found my first ever Commander Cody Phase II! 4 months later! LOL The whole case was there along with a whole complete case of Vintage minus Maul. Not many collectors out there I guess. :lol:

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