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By DeltaSquadSev11
I'll definitly look to get Cody and Phase 2 Clone. I especially love the detail on Cody, pass on the pointless Anakin and re-packs, unless I can't find Chewbacca and Savage Opress by January 30th, which coincidentally, is my birthday :)
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By nicodemus_rebado
The updated S3 Anakin perhaps is to address the view some held that the 1st one had a head sculpt that was not right *Shrugs*

Liking the look of the Phase III Clone Troopers.
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By RC 0379 Marev
I am curious to see if there are differences to the cad bane, or is he the TODO one just swapping out the droid for the rifle?

I'll have to get the cody, for the helmet. I'm sure he'll have the strange Stone frankenbody that jetpack rex had. Rifle looks odd too.

I'm excited for another chance at chewie, since the chewbacca/armored opress wave has been nowhere in my neck of the woods.
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By YAK_Chewie
That's true... and to think, people at Hasbro get paid to make such glaring mistakes. How can they not know their own product?

I also find it amazing that it appears that Hasbro is doing a good job on the Phase 2 helmet sculpt for Clone Wars, but on realistic, they give us giant buckets.

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By Paulskywalker
darth_sidious wrote:Hopefully they wouldnt repack that original Cad Bane with a case of SA figures. As for the wave itself - big bore.

Hasbro! :lol:
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By Paulskywalker
I reckon they should start adding it to dictionaries.

Hasbro definition: Ineffective, of no use, a waste of time, or just plain USELESS!
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By StooperZero
are these supposed to be out yet???

I saw that Plo-koon and Savage yesterday OR are they repacks for the wave??

IF they only had that kind of articulation early in the line I would have had more interest.
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By YAK_Jayson
The images above are repacks for the new packaging in 2012.
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