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MisterPL wrote:I think Hasbro agrees. That may be part of what prompted the recent layoffs. Strategies that may have worked fine decades ago may be obsolete today but if there are still people embracing those methods, they need to go. Hopefully things will turn around soon.

Problem is the folks they laid off had nothing to do with case planings and ratios, they were primarly sculpting designers whose jobs are obsolete due to most of the sculpting being done on computers now (that was pretty public info BTW). Hasbro said quite publicly that they are now needing "different skill sets" in the modern world.

The one guy who seems to be outside that is David Vonner of the Marvel Universe brand, however after some investigation it appears his lay off was unrelated (in fact he may have quit, just at the same time as the layoffs), that info is very sketchy

MisterPL wrote:Compare what Hasbro's doing to what Mattel's doing in this scale and get back to me on how awful Star Wars has become. We're spoiled compared to Green Lantern and Batman fans. Mattel's still selling product that looks like it was designed in 1977 while charging as much if not more than Hasbro.

Seriously, take a look at what the competition is offering and you might gain a new appreciation for what Hasbro's going through. (Or not, I'd wager.)

The problem with that logic is Mattel is still the #1 toy company year afte year.

Hasbro has some of the most recognizable faces in modern culture and still manages to only get #2, knock Matty all you want, they are pulling down more money.

Now if you compair what matty does with 6 inch scale (DCU, 6 inch GL which where near impossible to find) you see a different dynamic. Matty hardly ever goes into 3 & 3/4 scale (there are only a very scant few examples of attempts, and most of those were intended for short term to begin with ie Avatar). If Matty would shrink down the DCU figs to 1:18th (with exact articulation and detailing, a feat well within thier capabilities) they would have something phenominal on thier hands. The fact that they don't (for whatever reason) does show flaws on thier part, but when you are on top you can aford mistakes like that.
With Mattel as some have you have hinted at it they have two sides, the collecter series ones like MOTU and other large figures that have amazing detail and articulation and then their kids lines like Batman etc were they feel articulation it not as important, but with SW even kids expect decent articulation i feel.
Along the lien of Mattel's MOTU, I kind of always wished Hasbro would have a constant mailaway made to a specific order number
I wonder how much of the downturn for CW figures is also due to people like me simply not buying them.

A large segment of collectors just don't like animated styling. My local collecting buddy quit buying CW over a year ago because of price; he had to scale back some and because of that, he stopped buying animated.

I've even noticed that my son prefers realistic Anakin to CW one, realistic Dooku to CW one, etc. And he's only 4 years old...

I know I had gotten down to only buying figs that would probably only appear in the CW line, Savage, Cad Bane, ect. I think I have bought two clones through the entire run, and maybe a few battle droids both at the begining of the line. I did buy last years anakin on clearence for $3 this year because he was on clearence and I kind of liked him a bit more than the Legacy/Vintage versions (believe it or not) but I never bought an Obi-wan, did buy a Dooku for a joke (I mean look at that head LOL).

So far this year Aqua Droid repack is the only one that got my attention (cool fig) although if I saw an armored Savage I would grab him.
Hasbro just does not want to support TCW at least they have had the balls to say so now. I am still waiting for them to say that they could care less about Vintage, all they want is Movie Heroes or legends. I feel that has been evident for the last 3 years. Stores I go to over these few years have all been overstocked on Legends or MH when TCW and Vintage have been squelched. In addition the show's ratings are just not so good anymore. Season one opener "Ambush" kicked off with near 4 million viewers the season stayed consistent in the 2 to 3 mil range. Compare that with season 4 consistently staying under 2 mil with the exception of a handful of episodes that barely broke the 2 million mark. IMO season 4 was a huge let down. Something is missing from Clone Wars and I am venturing that for me it is getting to heavy which is fine but the plain old simple fun in season one is gone and the show is getting messy trying to be something else from when it started.
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