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I didn't notice a dot on the sticker at my Target...not sure what that means to be honest.

Anyone know?
The gray dot means that the item is on order from their warehouse and it's an indicator to leave the shelf space available for when it arrives.
Ahhh...thanks, Jayson.

I guess the sticker at my Target had one, then, and I just didn't see it.
By Lindsey
Went by my Target, they had like 8 of them, however either they were packed poorly or some a**$@#% decided to bend the tops of EACH one almost 90 degrees. I was able to score two for 5 bucks off each after complaining to the checkout clerk for 15 bucks each. Keep this in mind if your packs look like this :/

Thanks for that heads up, Lindley.

Actually, many of the Naboo and Bespin Battle Packs at my Target were in similar condition with really bad creases and bends in the packaging. I sincerely doubt it was "natural wear and tear" from handling. Not on that many at once.

It's a very old story that most of us have known about for years, but retail employees have been known to deliberately damage Star Wars toy packaging because they know a lot of collectors want near-mint condition. I wouldn't be surprised in the least if some jerkwad Target employees did this on purpose just to tick off customers.
Found the Darth Maul BP as well - its gotta be the coolest BP the CW line has ever seen - even better than the ARC Trooper set in my opinion. I bought one for myself and another for my nephew - he is going to flip out when he sees it! The 19.99 pricepoint was also a smart move, especially considering right next to these were the regular BPs with repacks for 22.99. Kudos to Hasbro.
Yeah, this BP was a grand slam for them and a throwback to the last decade in terms of getting a ton of value for your dollar. Definitely takes me back to the days of TSC, the 30th Anniversary and Legacy.
I'm definitely getting two. I hope they have them on the shelf by the time I stop there tomorrow to look.
Just watched Revenge can't wait for this set now, makes me think it should have come with Kenobi though to make for a better 'battle pack'; but the Nightsister is great.
I found out today from an employee that the grey dot also means it sold out! So I did miss them in one day! grrrr They had the shelf sticker there on Sat but no dot then Mon. it had the dot and I asked was told they went out and sold out on Sunday. :x
They ought to make a Battle Pack with Captain Tarkin, a tweaked and repainted Anakin and a repack of the difficult to find 2011 Even Piell figure...all based on "The Citadel." It might be the only way we'll ever get an animated Tarkin figure.
Well, we're not getting a single carded Tarkin next it's an idea to toss around.

Sometimes the only way we ever get certain characters is in multipacks and exclusives. Garven Dreis(Red Leader in ANH) has been available only as a lame, kitbashed X-Wing Fighter pack-in and as a figure in the Scramble on Yavin BP. I still don't know if we'll ever see him on a basic cardback.
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