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Our friends at have posted a sneak peek today of a great new Clone Wars Ultimate Gift Set featuring Plo Koon’s 104th “Wolf Pack” Battalion including Plo Koon, and Phase II versions of Wolffe, Sinker & Boost. Head on over to check it out and watch for more details next week!
Gift pack or Battle pack still a figure short compared to the first ones.

Annoying that phase2 Wolfe isn't out on shelfs yet, so to have him out at the sametime in a gift set too is a bit grr. Getting another Plo Koon too would be annoying but i do want the troopers, so want it but maybe not at full price.
Rune Haako wrote:Would've rather seen a Phase 2 501st set with Krell.

I take it that this is a Wal-Mart exclusive like the other Ultimate Gift set was?

Excellent idea. They could even throw rex in and give the kiddies another chance to grab the guy. Then add Dogma and another 501st guy...I would buy that, but as it is I have wolffe and no interest in plo.

But as an added kick in the chest, watch wolffe be fully articulated
This set would be a lot more appealing with Krell and some 501st. They could drop Wolffe and Plo and give us Krell and a 501st trooper, like Dogma - I think that would get a lot more attention by kids and collectors. Not to mention, we already have a Plo / wolfpack BP. Dont get me wrong, I still like the figure / character, but its years old and frankly most people are sick of seeing Plo in stores. Did Filoni ask for this to be made or something?
A 501st/Umbara set would be a pain though, as for me it would have to have all the main characters i like in that episode and that numbers 6 figures Krell, Rex, Fives, Hardcase, Jesse and Dogma.
Sandtroopers has posted loose images of this set. Looks like Wolffe is a bit different than its basic carded release.

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