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By darth_sidious
DarthEddie wrote:If this teasing keeps up I'm going to surrender and get this wave online. Don't make me spend that much with no logical, good reason.

I cant bring myself to buy the whole wave, but I'd like a few at least. I'm starting to dig the "clean" version of Rex too. Are there any Yakkers in Canada that can help us out? :P
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By DarthEddie
I was thinking the same thing! Another collector friend from another site offered to help but I wanted to check with others before I made a decision.

The 2013 Rex does look better than last year's version. And this one has knee joints....why couldn't they have done this last year with the Rex that American collectors could actually (occasionally/sometimes) find in stores?
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By DarthEddie
Did you guys see the new update on JTA? The 2012 Captain Rex figure has a paint variation on his helmet. Some have clean white helmets with blue striping near the face while others apparently are dirtier to match the body armor and have yellowish stripes.
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By DarthEddie
I want that Artoo. The R7-D4 mold is pretty great to make an Artoo from and it's nice to see it back on the market.
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By YAK_Jayson
"Ahsoka trusted you and you betrayed her"

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By DarthEddie
Gorgeous. The colors on this Anakin are more true to the show.
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By AaylaSecurasMan
This wave refuses to die at my local Targets, it's funny how they spread the pegs thin with 1-2 figures on them only so it looks like they have more figures hanging :roll:
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By DarthEddie
You mean 2012 Wave 1? The one we've all been staring at for the past fifteen months? If only 2013 Wave 1 had been given a shot at American retail. At least it'd have been something a little different with a few new things to offer collectors.

I'd have risked more pegwarmers just to get the 2012 leftovers off the pegs.
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By darth_sidious
He must be talking about wave 1 from 2012, because the 2013 wave doesn't exist at retail in the US. Apparently its easy to find in Canada, and Europe. On another site, a guy from Canada was going on about how easy they are to find, and I felt like saying - how about buying them and shipping them over?! lol I'd like to have a 501st trooper and R2, but I'd buy Rex as well.

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