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Will The Clone Wars figures be better articulated in 2013, like in the good days of the line?

No. Derryl DePriest told me that they are slowly weaning "us" to accept that these figures will eventually come with only five (5) points of articulation. Yes, you heard that correctly. The Clone Wars is a kids' line and they have done studies which suggest that kids get frustrated playing with figures with too much articulation, especially when trying to put weapons in the hands of them. Obviously this is very disheartening news for adult collectors. But this couple with the fact that The Clone Wars is losing viewership at a staggering loss is forcing Hasbro to put their dollars elsewhere in the line. We can basically say "stick a fork in it" to the way we used to know about The Clone Wars line. 14 points of articulation no more.

I see this line dieing fast....

I hope Hasbro can accept that many of us are no longer interested in the line as it is. This year was a sad one for the CW line, and 2013 doesnt look any different. At the very least, they should give CW figures knee articulation. Ankles and wrists arent as big a deal. Honestly though, if they arent going to give us new and exciting characters, I think they should just cancel the line and do CW characters in the realistic line from now on...
F off, this is not kids! I watch my neices and nephews play with their toys all the time and they love articulation, like in their wrestling and transformer figures etc. This is just Hasbro cheaping out and using kids who can't really have their say, i think they see the likes of Batman and such with limited articulation and thought yeah.
When you think about it its vintage Kenner articulation, it is still the 21st century right and we haven't gone back in time 30 odd years?...
I have serious doubts studies were actually done (Or if they were they are useing the long outdated studies from the early 1980's, studies that Kenner did about SW vs the new GI Joe line in which kids gravitated to the SW figs because GI Joe hadn't established itself yet, but somehow that got put into articulation, but I digress).

Let's face it, A. Hasbro has been caught in lies before, ESPECIALLY Daryl himself.

B. They want to cut costs any way they can, this has been said multiple times.

C. Clone wars line has already beem mismanaged (Look back at how hard it was to buy new waves and the insistance of Daryl that the main's sold better but then later admitting they never kept track of individual sales just cases).

D. If you are cutting costs, why throw money away on "Studies" especially when you have info that is outdated and was flawed to begin with.
Well, the thing is, I think kids are silent consumers. They may tell their parents / relatives that they want certain characters, or that they like articulation, etc - but does this ever get back to Hasbro? As adult collectors, we are vocal about these issues. Since this line is geared toward kids, Hasbro apparently doesnt care what we think, and since kids arent being vocal about the line - reducing articulation to 1980s standards, repainting and rehashing figures, and not releasing new characters isnt a big deal in Hasbros collective eyes, but they are dooming the line.
They've seen the lines like Batman and their Avengers and thought you know what that'll do for us, but in those cases kids have not had a choice about articulation; i believe this is an excuse and nothing to do with kids or studies. All of a sudden a number of people are sympathetic of DDP just because he did some interviews and throw out some speal, seems that is enough for some to forget the past few years of his running of SW into the ground.
I notice people talk to him and like magic they act all different. I think it's that he is able to personalize things and come at people one on one in a way that kind of says "Hey, I'm your buddy" (Noticed that in one intereview with him on youtube) problem is that doesn't work all the time. I would love to see him intereveiwed with someone being hardnosed, it's easy when people pander to you but when some one hits you with facts (as DDP seems to ignore) things change drastically. I bet he would walk out of an interview where someone caught him up in his crap.

I'm pretty sure people are "softballed" beforehand too, but of course unless someone admits it that is conjecture.
Your probably right and he likely has rehearsed his reponses before hand, no one goes up prepared. Also we know from past experience he can lie well.
I was thinking i bet the price doesn't go down with the reduced articulation and will still get the gimmicks that even kids throw back in the playbox half the time.
I actually thought that was a given.

If anyone doubts Hasbro would do such a thing look back to teh Wolverine and the X-Men line for the cartoon series. 90% of the figures were happy meal toys and they retailed for $9 each (At the time SW were around $5-$6), they sat them right beside Wolverine Origins and MU stuff and wondered why the line didn't take off. I think it made it two whole waves before being massively clearenced (and you can still find them in like big lots and such)
Well, Hasbro confirmed that they are dropping the Galactic Battle Game pieces - so those will not be included with 2013 CW and MH figures. If I recall correctly, they also said no stands will come packed with any figure line. That alone should reduce the price for CW and MH figures. Honestly, with 5 POA, Hasbro should drop the price drastically and treat these lines like the cheap Batman figures that are out now...
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